Friday, April 25, 2008


We have had 10 days of 70 degrees plus here in West Michigan, and the kids were just itchin' to get in that pool! Farmboy had it all cleaned out for Cityfarmer Joy and Don's visit last weekend...not that we would have gone swimming, but a clean pool is so much nicer to look at than a nasty pool cover with the winters debri floating in it!
So...yesterday, with the sun beating down and temps in the upper 70's and the pool at a cool 69 degrees, the kids took the 1st plunge of the season.
Oh to be young and foolish again!
Here is Avery (on the right) with good friend Becca.

Austin was so excited to see that the girls could go in swimming, I didn't have the heart to tell the scrawny little guy no.
So off he went, spending nearly 1/2 hour playing around with fins, goggles and floatie stuff!
And after the cool pool, nothing feels as good as a hot tub, which is where they all ended up, getting warm and cozy again!

Did you hear we are supposed to get some snow next week????
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a said...

argh! I JUST heard of the snow!!! good grief ! the pool looks refreshing!

Anonymous said...

We just got the spring blizzrd here in South Dakota and it isn't good. Lots of accidents, roads are terrible and schools closing, hope it's not headed your way.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi! I love your site! Parisienne farmgirl has the coolest friends!

cityfarmer said...

I think we are now getting the snow you were screaming about...let's see who can scream the loudest!!!

Aunt Jenny said...

We are supposed to have snow on Weds...not fair!!! It has been 70 here the past couple days and just beautiful. I could get used to spring being here...but I have a feeling I shouldn't get used to it.
LOVED your swimming pictures..feels like summer just looking at the pictures!!
Hey..don't miss the giveaway on my ends on WEds evening.
Have a great week!!!

Terri said...

You beat me! I am still working on shocking our pool and if it ever gets above 60 again, I may just hop in myself! LOL