Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The lettuce beds...now how does one tell the weeds from the lettuce?

The perennial bed looks so forlorn, with just a bit of fresh growth here and there. It will really fill out after we toss in some sweet alyssum seeds in a few weeks!
And some snapdragons.
And some more Russian Sage.
And possibly another rosemary topiary.
And more alyssum.
And perhaps some cosmos.
LOTS of cosmos.
I think you get the picture!

My hens will take a nap just about anywhere!

Albie Darn I'm a Rooster, watching out for his harem.
"Are you lookin' at me?"

Grape Hyacinths... aaah...the sweet smell of spring!

When I bought this cement bunny, he had only one ear, and a piece of re-bar where the other ear used to be. Over the winter, someone has absconded the other ear. With only one ear, he had a bit of character...
Now...he just looks sad and forlorn.

Constance Spry rose bush.
I bought this when we 1st moved into the farm, over 6 years ago now.
My moms name was Constance, and I thought it a fitting rose for my garden.
She only blooms once, but she is spectacular and so very fragrant!

An herbe garden is incomplete without them!

My ever faithful sage. It comes back year after year after year.
With absolutely no help from me.
Has anyone ever taken the leaves and fried them in butter till they are crispy like a potato chip?
Enough said.

What's growing in YOUR minds eye?

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Laurie & Chris said...

Don't you just love seeing those little sprouts every where it is a sure sign of spring.

My mom is hosting "bloomin' Tuesday" if you are interested stop over to her blog.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

ten days of 70 degrees? what the freak? It was 39 here yesterday and a whomping 50 today!
Garden is looking good!!!!

cityfarmer said...

I'm developing a blog very similar...we must be on the same wave...I wonder why????

I had the pleasure of seeing your beds as they were begging spring!!!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Sage leaves, fried in butter? I will have to investigate that!

And I love your poor little rabbit.

Terri said...

I miss my chickens! Sigh.

I've never heard of frying sage leaves. I'll have to try that.

So with all these salads are you losing weight?
It does seem that all the really good salads are fattening! LOL

monique said...

What a gorgious photo!