Saturday, January 03, 2009

Scenes from a family gathering

Our oldest daughter,
Giselle, and her husband Jon...married less than 2 years, have moved to Montana for teaching jobs.
(Teaching jobs in Christian schools are not so much available here in West Michigan.)
Shortly before leaving in July, they announced their pregnancy.
Thankfully, we all have the wonderful Verizon family plan, and can talk anytime w/o charges.
They flew in for the Christmas break, and with a LONG layover in Minnesota (24 hours...due to severe weather), they finally arrived!

Baby is due on Feb. 26...also Farmboy's birthday!

It is SO much fun to see her pregnant, happy, and still SO in love with Jon.
He has truly become her bestest friend.

This truly was a most difficult day, as they were flying out the very next morning.
We had a wonderful family dinner and shared many laughs.
We are praying for really cheap flights (for me, Memere) to Montana after baby arrives.
Can't hardly wait to see them again!

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cityfarmer said...

I've been waiting for these for days.
Yes, they are truly in love.

You are such a good memere...God is blessing you two with another GRAND baby...hopefully on farmboy's BD

she is beautiful

kansasrose said...

What a beautiful young couple, sending prayers for the babe, your daughter just glows! and the farmboy are adorable! Love to you hon. Prayers and blessings for '09!

Homemaker Ang said...

I have also been waiting :)

She is ADORABLE! just like her mama but you do NOT look preggo!

I think I am about the same size as her, I think... Although I will not be posting photos of my backside! HA!

Amy said...

Oh cyn:) this warms me up good:) Look at your girl:) :) her smile yes she is HAPPY & beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! is there anything better then that? xo

Carolyne said...

Wow! When I arrived on your blog and Keith Green began to sing......well, I could not read your blog! The tears were welling up.......that took me back a few years! What a blessing.
Congratulations on your coming new little one!
Bless you.

Anna said...

Congratulations Giselle! I am so happy for them! I am so sad that I couldn't visit when we were there. The weather just messed everything up.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful visit! She has that glow about her! It won't be long before that baby will be here! I hope the baby does arrive on farmboy's birthday! That'll make it even more special!!

I wish you all the best and many blessing in 2009!!!

Farmchick said...

Your daughter just looks too cute and so happy--wonderful for you all!!!