Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday Laundry

It's a balmy 20 degrees F,
the sun is shining,
there is no good reason why I shouldn't at least try to line dry my sheets!
Farmboy thinks they will just freeze out there, but.....
I have hope.
And how wonderful will it be to snuggle down tonite under fresh, air-dried bedding?

Spring hopes eternal.

UPDATE: As of 4pm, sheets and pillow cases are dry!!!
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Mrs Flam said...

I remember My Gram Bringing in a Pair of Pants for my uncle , frozen they were , she stood them up Legs and all next to the fire to unfreeze. LOL

May your sheets not freeze.

cityfarmer said...

always did love the feel of crisp cool sheets with the 50's heat my body puts out.

if I was driving by and saw your sheets, I would grin and say, "now that's my kind of farmgirl.

kansasrose said...

YOU GO GIRL! That's the pioneer spirit, hon! I put a pic up today on my blog dedicated to you. Visit and see. :)

Mrs Flam said...

I am glad to see you were sucessfull :)

Amy said...

Wow! You are one tough cookie...I'm a whussy. I would have ran inside faster then you know what as soon as the wind hit my eardrums! but ahh for the freshness of line dry linens;) ya gotto do what you gotto do:) lovin this photo of your sheets blowing in the wind and just that little hint of your laundry cart:) we'll have fun with that photo collaboration my girl and I and I completely agree...I think you need a storage tank of good bonding and communication before the teen years;) I'm hopeful! xoxo

Laurie and Chris said...

There is nothing like line dried sheets!!!