Wednesday, April 08, 2009



My morning ritual is pretty much just that....a ritual.
But, sometimes I like to veer off the well beaten path, and take the road less traveled.
That's what I did this morning when I opted out of the "get my coffee make asap" using my Bunn coffee maker (where my coffee is ready in about 30 seconds!) mode and slowed it down just a bit and used my French Coffee Press.

You start by putting 3 TBL of medium grind coffee in the bottom of your press.
My choice this morning is something called "Pantlind Blend", named after an old hotel that used to be the centerpiece of downtown Grand Rapids. It's the same blend the hotel used back in the 20's!

Pour 4 cups of near boiling water into the press, and over the grounds.
Stir with a wooden spoon, just to insure all the grounds are saturated.

Set the cover of the press over the top, and let steep a minimum of 4 minutes.
Then, ever so slowly, press the rod all the way down, until it goes no further and the grounds are safely tucked beneath it.

Pour into a favorite mug.
Mine is oh so vintage...stolen by my mom from the Army mess hall around 1950.
(Yes, my mom joined the army when she was 17!)

Then it's time for some daily sustenance!

How do you start YOUR day?
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Hot Belly Mama said...

Sooo.... where's my cup?

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Usually with coffee first to help me get going and then the most important sustenance, His Word!!! Thank
you for sharing. Wishing you and your family a most blessed and happy Easter.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Gotta go with the French Press all the way! Is yours pink? It looks pink.
Recipe coming!!!!

Kelle said...

I'm by no means a coffee expert, your process seems as if you may be one though ;o)

Our mornings go something like this; 5:30 am the alarm in my head goes off, sometimes 5:15 am. I gently nudge Dh awake. By now the dogs are ready to get outside for some business, so I get out of bed and let them out. Dh comes along behind and begins getting a fire going in the wood cookstove( if it's warranted) Dh drinks coffee and I love herbal tea, so both the coffee pot and tea kettle go on the stove. While waiting we let the dogs back inside, give them some affection and talk a bit about our plans for the day.
6am, we head outside to do chores, this means quick cleaning the cows stalls, checking waters and throwing hay, of course the horse is included too! Once back inside we have our coffee and tea and a bit more conversation. Then Dh heads to get ready for work, while I start breakfast. Today we had bacon( homeraised), scrambled eggs(from our flock) and whole wheat toast spread with REAL butter( from our Jersey cow) and jam or honey for a topping. Once breakfast is through I clean up dishes and send Dh off to work with a goodbye kiss and his dinner.

Time to get Dd up( 7 am)and awake enough to go outside to get her chores done
(feed the lambs, chickens and turkeys) Typically she doesn't eat breakfast( maybe a piece of toast or a muffin if avaliable), never has been a morning person! We then get ready for the day and start whatever projects are lined up. My time with the Lord is in the evening, with my Dh and Dd, family devotions, and prayer time.

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Kimberly said...

Same start here this morning: coffee, devotions, then exercise. Time for a quick shower and breakfast with my guys to get ready for another little one to join us for the morning. Busy day here!

Anne Marie said...

Coffee is a must to start the day, I'm still in my robe and slippies :) when that happens..and usually, the kids are just getting up...but I have time in the morning for a morning devotional prayer (alone) as well as around 15 minutes with my husband and our now hot cup of coffee...and I was just looking at a French Press the other day....if I can find one as cute as yours! LOVE THE PINK! retro!

Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such a heartfelt comment....

and Glad to see you grabbed my button :)

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

It's Friday...but Sunday's Comin'!

katiez said...

What a pretty press! I just unpacked mine today - and it's shattered in a million pieces. Now I can get one like yours! (I've been living on Nescafe - groan)

Anna said...

WHERE did you get that French Press???? It's ssoooo cute! Mine is a plain old Melitta that was a gift from my brother. I just had to move all my coffee makers from the old house to the new and I have 4! Ridiculous but it has been the only thing to look forward to some mornings here lately. Sometimes I drink a whole pot by noon and then switch to decaf. I know, it's horrendous but it gets me through. I started craving coffee when I was pregnant with Chase and drank a lot of decaf. Anyway, I have my 12 cup drip, an espresso maker and milk steamer combo, my french press and my Senseo which I love. I found refillable pods for it so that I can grind my own coffee instead of using their expensive pods. Sorry for the novel about my coffee obsession. I harassed the coffee roaster at Whole Foods with questions for like 20 minutes the other day and my friend had to make me leave. :) Anyway, we are moved in and slowly unpacking. I have the before pics of the house on my profile on facebook and can hopefully get some afters up soonish. I hope you're well. I'm so jealous of your garden, I can't stand it! Talk to you soon? Anna