Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have recently been reminded of an old cookbook I bought in the late 70's titled "Laurel's Kitchen." Much of the cookbook I disregarded, as the recipes were really intended for a vegetarian lifestyle (of which I was not), and the authors were very much into meditation and guru's and the like.(which I also was not)
But there was one chapter that really impacted me called "The Keeper of the Keys".
The authors talked about the role of the woman in the home and how important that role was.

I began asking myself if I take the role of wife, mommy, and homemaker seriously, or am I just playing house. For years I thought that Hamburger Helper and a can of green beans was putting a decent meal on the table. (those that know me now would think that is the biggest joke!!!)

After I got saved in 1978, the Lord began changing my priorities and slowly, over the years, I became the woman I am today.

But this journey is far from over!

In the past 10 years alone I took piano lessons, learned to knit, taught myself to sew, planted my 1st real veggie garden, ran 2 5k races, got my 1st brood of chickens, homeschooled my children, buried both my parents, my father-in-law, my step-father and my only sister.

I have moved out of my "comfort zone" in the kitchen. I now crave foods I had never before even heard of!
Indian cuisine. Mediterranean foods. Meatless entrees!

Veggies like kale, chard, eggplant, and rutabagas are now on my weekly shopping list!
(3 years ago I couldn't point out a rutabaga if my life depended on it!)

Now what lies ahead for this "keeper of the keys"?
Not completely sure, but I think I have some ideas.

I have been asked to teach a cooking class on frugal cooking from the garden.
I will be starting a new blog for my local CSA in the next few weeks, focusing on using what's new in the garden that week.
My grandson, who has been living with us for the past 20 months, will finally be going home to his mom, so I will have a whole lot of time to pursue other interests.
A new batch of hens will be arriving in the next few days.
The gardens will get some extra attention.
My bicycle will come down from the garage storage area, and I will be getting some much needed exercise!

I DO know that I will spend very little time watching the news, or TV in general.
I have been accused of burying my head in the sand by those I love.
No matter.
I have peace of mind when I lay my head down at night.
My mind is NOT filled with the latest murder, abduction, rape, stock market numbers, or serial killers.
I see enough to keep me informed, but no more.

Most important of all, will "the heart of my husband safely trust me"?
And will my children "rise up and call me blessed?"

The keeper of the keys...my journey continues.
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Mrs. Peterson's Place said...

Very Cool!! Keeper of the Keys, gives me something to ponder about. Thanks for sharing your journey.
I am in the midst of a major decluttering..house organization project. I still haven't gotten a rythm down for my home and I feel chaotic all the time. The kind of rythm that you are organized and things are grouped together, at least in the same part of the house. Not down stairs in the basement while I'm up on the second floor in the office. Ugh! Spring fling to the max for the next 2 weeks. Pray for me. No, pray for my husband LOL!

(I like the picture too.)

God' peace,

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Thought-provoking post...and I how cool that you ran marathons..WONDERFUL! I've only ever been a walker. I can't wait to see all the stuff you get done when your time is your own once again!

Lindah said...

yes, a very thought-provoking post. These are things I didn't understand as a young person, either. Not sure my Mom did either. I wish I had understood them in time to pass them on to my daughter. Similar concepts belong to the role of Dad/fathering/husbanding also. Too much personal indulgence and aimless wandering in our society for far too long.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Mount Belly Mama said...

I don't want to be biased - but I love your blog so much. It's one of my favorites and I always get excited when I see a new post on my dashboard. As someone who just recently started staying home full time I ask myself questions daily about what that means for me. What should I do first? What can I do to make my husband's long and exhausting work day less so?

Happy Earth Day and thank you so much for sharing...


Victoria said...

Wow, what a wonderful post. I look forward to your updates, you know. :)

I struggle often with not being able to relate to posts written by moms. I wish I could, I wish my life had started sooner and I had little ones to look after now.

Nonetheless, I appreciate so much reading from a veteran mom like yourself, and this post radiates a modest wisdom. And a quiet committment. Really inspiring, I mean it.

Anonymous said...

I was totally excited when I first starting reading because I too own a copy of "Laurel's Kitchen." I had forgot about that chapter until you mentioned it again. After reading this I want to go back and read it again (as if I really need something else to read LOL). But I got to say that by the end of your post all I could really say was, "Wow!" It really made me stop and think about what it is that's important when you are The Keeper of the Keys. Great blog!!

Musings From A French Cottage said...

This is such an amazing post and it really spoke to me because for the past year, I have been working really hard on simplifying, using natural, organic foods to make GOOD homemade meals and just trying to de-clutter and organize our home. I want to be able to have the time to cook good meals and enjoy my family instead of wasting that time looking for misplaced things and wading through clutter that I just can't keep up with! So here's to being the "Keeper of the Keys." Thank you for a wonderful post and the reminder of what's really important in our lives!

God Bless,

kansasrose said...

OH CYN! I love this post! Out of all your wonderful posts this is my favorite and what a blessing you have given through it...YOU got the blog mojo down girl. Love you, Jen

Anonymous said...

Just clicked onto your blog for the first time after seeing you in Rhonda Jean's comment section. This post would go good with hers for today the 25th. I like your writing and will surely be coming back...thanks for taking the time to write for us and share your life and teach us lessons also. I am probably older than you are but I sure know there is always something new to learn and am thankful for other women who will mento to others. Thank you again. Jody

Cindy B said...

I just googled Keeper of the Keys and got your blog. I too have Laurel's Kitchen, and every year or so I reread Keeper. I have bookmarked your blog...you seem to be a lot like me!

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