Thursday, April 16, 2009

THIS is what we've been waitin' for!

Un-freakin-believably beautiful day!
Sun, sun, and more sun!
High about 67 degrees, with more of the same forecast thru Saturday!

Herbe garden, above, all cleaned out, rocks removed, weeds pulled from between rocks, rocks set back in place.
Unbelievable amount of work involved.
Lots of help from son and Farmboy.

Perennial/veggie garden mostly cleaned out.
Unbelievable amount of work.
Did it all by myself, NO help from anyone!

THIS is the stuff I spent hours hoiking out of the above gardens, all by myself.
So pretty to look at....I hope it's not some funky ground cover I forgot about!!!

See these nasty holes in my garden gloves???
My ship better come in quick!
I need gloves!
These used to be oh-so-pretty pink!

THIS is what happens to fingers when garden gloves have holes in 'em!
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Homemaker Ang said...

how are those knees of yours tonight? run a hot bath with some essential oils! ang

Old Centennial Farmhouse said... felt SO GOOD! Us sun-starved Michiganders are reveling in the "heat"! Can't wait for Saturday and we break the 70 degree mark! Love how you worked the fingers right off your gloves! Ü

Hot Belly Mama said...

oooh! I need to post photos of my garden bed I just worked on today! I put lovely rocks around it. Now, if only I had a bird bath....

Hot Belly Mama said...

PS: I would die if I didn't have my gardening gloves and I growl at all 12 of our nieces and nephews when they try to wear them.

Victoria said...

That's exactly what my fingers looked like yesterday post-clean up , too! We both need new gloves.

Thanks for sending the nice weather down this way- we had 60 yesterday and today, 70 tomorrow (predicted). Woo hoo!

Kelle said...

I had to chuckle( a bit) about all the comments on gloves. I've NEVER owned a pair until this year when our neighbor ordered some in and they were to small for her. I wore them last week while cleaning up flowerbeds but found myself removing them more than I had them on. I guess that's just me, I'm happy with short nails and dirty fingers, LOL!

Your gardens look great and isn't it a good feeling to know it's done. I bet you slept good too!(wink)


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Funny fingers! Dirty hands mean flowers are coming!

kansasrose said...

Got my mismatched garden gloves and ready to go....but bad storms are on the horizon. Dang! twisters, hail, high winds ohhh MY!

Your piece of earth looks great! YOU go girl! I got my supply of advil at ready, how bout you? :)

FarmHouse Style said...

It has been gorgeous here too. I have been digging in the dirt for the last few days and I am ready to plant...pretty much.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me the other day. I hope you will pop in again some time.


Kimberly said...

Super job!!! Our weather is bonkers here. I'm longing to work in my garden, but it's currently under water and the snow is flying.

Laurie and Chris said...

We are finally getting nice weather here. Now if my yard would dry out so I could walk in it we would be all set.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

My nails most always look like that this time of year. I can't walk thru the garden without stopping to pick a weed or two.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Marci said...

Cute blog. Yard work is so rewarding, but it is hard on the nails!

SRA said...

My Father used to always tell me as a child, when we were out in the vegetable garden..."For the gardener who has dirt under his nails...God rewards the tastiest harvest in the Fall!" Anything worth worth risking getting a little dirt under the nails for! Love the blog...thanks for sharing your little corner of the world with the rest of us!