Friday, May 29, 2009


Pret'near all cleaned out and ready for some new occupants,
the henhouse is open and ready for business!
Just got to throw down some wood shavings and fresh straw and we're good to go!

I've been checking CraigsList for chooks the past few weeks, and found some just a few miles from here, just about the right age for us.
I don't want them too teeny, as I don't have the equipment for raising tiny chicks.
But, a few weeks old would be just about right.
It will be a long time comin' before we see any eggs, but that's OK.
I'd rather have young chicks that get used to us, than hens that have been laying for 6 months already.

I will update this afternoon, hopefully with pics of the little ones!


10 Buff Orpington chickies, scared silly!
About 6 weeks old, or so.
Farmer says if any turn out to be roosters, we can trade 'em in for hens.

Once again, I feel like a Farmgirl!

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RiverBend Farm said...

Oh my, your chicken house is so clean. Can't wait to see pics.

The Vintage Housewife... said...

wow weeee girl...your chicken house is spic and span...i think i could move right in...thank you for the honor of placing my button on your blog and your kindness of understanding...i love your garden and oooooh honey you view where you porch sit...ahhhh can't i come over for a cup of jo...thanks for swingin' by my place and i can't wait to add you to my blog roll...blessings cat~

Mount Belly Mama said...

Awesome! I love our buffs! I am going to be sad when we butcher our roosters (only a little). But we will have 4 of the hens left over.

You're going to love this breed if you haven't already had them before.

Faith said...

OPs are such great chickens. I had a flock of 30 of them a few years ago. They are more vulnerable because they are so friendly, so I went with more stand-off-ish breeds this time around.

I agree, your C-House is amazing! Good on you for protecting that wood so well. :)

My plastic sheeting has long since vanished from the walls. I need to do something about that this summer.


Calm Energy said...

Awww now... I want chickies :)
I love eggs from chickens that have a life ~ fresh air, places to roam and good veggies... what a difference in the eggs!
!You go Farmgirl!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

How wonderful! I miss my chickens and need to get some more. Thanks for the suggestion on looking at those eggs! Have fun cluckin' to 'em and gettin' to know 'em!


The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello again i just had a said you hadn't gotten my email from weeks ago until now....soooooo maybe you had not gotten my other one yet....saying how very sorry i am for it taking so long...if you haven't i did email you honey...just letting you know...its on its

cityfarmer said...

Once again ... yes dear, you are the farmgirl.
Omelettes, eh
My pea gravel makes me feel like farmgirl.

Get that pool ready for August

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Cyn,
Congratulations on the new chicks, I have had them most of my married life and enjoy them so much not only the fresh eggs, but they entertain us too. lol how silly is that our life has resulted into being entertained by Good luck and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I am a farmgirl at heart....with a soon to be farm of my own...I have had hens and they are such wonderful pets. Check my blog and scroll down to an earlier post about a friend's hen house with photos. You will appreciate it. I will be back soon.

Farm Wishes,
Karen Eileen

Farmchick said...

You did a great job on the coop! I bet those chicks really appreciate it! ;) Have a sweet Sunday. :)

Karen Sue said...

First time to your spot and now I'll have to come back and get to know you. We are gone enough and hubby grandpa farmer memories are not wonderful enough yet to get him 'chickenized', but we'll work on an awesome garden and go from there. We have 4 kids keepin' us pretty hopping right now. Stop over and see me sometime...

Amy said...

OH cyn! look at them! I'm so glad your little farmette once again has chickens!!!! Hey how bout this gorgeous weather??? ahhhhhhhh can you hear me???? xo

Amanda said...

Adorable =) You'll have lots of eggs!!!

Pam said...

What cuties!!!

Susan said...

how long does it take to find out if you have hens or roosters? Mine, like yours all look the same. What would indicate rooster first?
Sorry to hear about the computer issues.

Victoria said...

I love your chickens! Dang, I wish I lived on a farm. :(