Friday, May 01, 2009


Farmers markets abound beginning this next week, and though I have one of those funny looking metal granny carts that I trail behind me, I still need something to put my goodies in!
In the past I have used the Trader Joe's bags, which are so much fun...but after 2 solid years of use, they are beginning to look a bit dowdy.

So last week, while blog browsing, I came across a really simple pattern for a handmade market bag!

Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I can pretty much sew a straight line, but when it comes to following patterns, let's just say I'm a bit on the slow side.
I have to read them, re-read them, read them a friend, do a trial run, tear out the trial with my most-used sewing item...the seam ripper... cry...then try again.
I am self taught, so I can't blame my lack of skills on my teacher!


Voila. (see photo)

So by trial and error (mostly error) I have made several skirts, some aprons, a small purse, and now this!

And, I must say...
this is really so simple a child could do it.
And I even messed around with the measurements, as I wanted mine a bit bigger than the pattern called for.

I am not kidding.

I made one a few days ago, and with many interruptions, it took me a couple of hours.
This one with no interruptions, just a bit over an hour.

I used some 10 year old K-Mart Martha Stewart broadcloth curtains for my material, but any type of canvas or broadcloth would do nicely.

Easy Peasy.

Try it for's the link

Got the original idea from:
Melissa's Ramblings...

Sorry Melissa....sometimes our dog Beau is not the only doofus in the house!

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cityfarmer said...

I believe you should trademark "easy peasy"

AND the market bag is the bomb....
can't wait to try the easy peasy pattern

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

I've made 10 bags so far... man I love that pattern! Yours turned out so nice ~ florals I love. I found a great floral sheet at a garage sale yesterday for a quater. I can't stop! LOL

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I'm so proud of you for your persistance! YAY FOR CYN! I love the bag, and I know you'll probably be making more, right!?

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for posting this... I am going to check out the pattern because I just love your!!!


Just A Gal...

Calm Energy said...

Ahhhhh... finally home from work... First thing I did was open the the fresh spring air coming in!
Relaxing and enjoying your post today :) I'm making it a point this year to support our local farmers more than usual... A great bag will be an even bigger incentive to go!
I LOVE it that you used old curtains... I am always finding new uses for "old stuff" ... it makes me feel good when I say... "see... it was good that we saved that! haha!
Enjoy the weekend! ~Maria

Kimberly said...

SUPER!!! I've just begun sewing in the last year. I've made quite a few things---and spent a lot of time with my new friend, Ms. Seamripper.
GREAT JOB! Love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

Super cool! You did a good job! I was just looking at some market bag patterns on Friday. I was thinking about making some to put on my store, but wasn't sure how popular they would be. I'll have to check out the link. Thanks! :)

Aunt Jenny said...

Adorable!! I need to make some market bags. I use a real mixture of bags from everywhere....a rainbow of shabbiness (not in a good shabby way) and I could use some pretty ones!!
Have a great week!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Nice pattern and lovely bag; thanks for the pattern link.

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you on my blog!


Just A Gal...

mamawhatthe said...

This is my first visit to your blog- I'm really enjoying it! Thanks for including the pattern link. This looks like a great project!