Monday, June 29, 2009


Farmboy built our little farmette nearly 8 years ago, pretty much all by himself.
We had the help of one awesome friend, who spent months going in to his job at Amway around 6am, just so he could get out a bit early and come over and help.
We spent days, weeks, yea, even months looking for just the right cupboards, flooring, counters and appliances for our kitchen.
We picked out a nice, quiet Sears dishwasher for bocu bucks.
After all, we wanted it to last for many, many years!
Hard well water does funny things to appliance motors.
Like corrodes them!
So after less than 3 years our beautiful dishwasher bit the proverbial dust.
And to replace it would be silly.
Just more hard water running through it's veins would only bring the same fate as it's predecessor.
So, I am makin do!
My dishwasher now holds my LeCreuset pots, which are too heavy for me to hoist up into the cupboards.
And it holds my potatoes.

And I am back to hand washing the dishes.
Actually, I kind of like hand washing.
Gives me time to meditate on the Word.
Pray for my kids.
Think about what the rest of my day looks like.
All good things.

But what is especially nice is when Farmboy just takes over and I get to go get of my feet!

Just one of the perks of makin' do!
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RiverBend Farm said...

Exactly! I've got my new dishwasher in the new house and I still have to get used to using it. Wouldn't it be great just to take it out and have some open shelves and/or cover it with an old-fashioned gathered curtain.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I actually contemplated taking it out and putting my trash in there behind a curtain! A lot of work tho, and for now it is a perfect potato bin!

Faith said...

Nice storage area!

When I moved into this house, I said I would not use the dishwasher....

That didn't last long. LOL There is something nice about doing dishes; just the simple quiet chore as we finish the day.


Aunt Jenny said...

Our old house has low counter tops..not fun when I am rather tall...anyway, we have just a portable dishwasher..already several years old..I just want it to last until at least two of the four kiddos still at home are grown...I miss doing dishes by hand..the sheer quantity right now does me in though.
I love how you are re-purposing yours right now. Great idea!

Accidental Huswife said...

Hard water killed my dishwasher once too! I didn't get around to replacing it for over a year. The only time I missed it was when we had lots of company. Even with a dishwasher I end up doing all sorts of things by hand -- dishwashers ruin all sorts of things.

Calm Energy said...

Dishwashers are great for big company days... but I end up hand washing so much anyway...
Chris pre-washes so well, I tell him to just rinse and put in the drainer ;o)
Hard water is something else, isn't it!?
I showered at my daughter's while visiting Sunday-Monday. I think the water in her apt. complex is conditioned to be softer... My hair felt brand new... It hasn't felt like that in a long time, prob because of hard water residue here at home. What a difference!
Take Care, Cyn...

SentimentsbyDenise said...

I gave up my dishwasher recently due partly to our hard city water, but also because I enjoy washing them by hand, too!
I love looking out my kitchen window over the backyard watching scampering bunnies and squirrels, the hummingbirds flittering to and fro, and the leaves bending in the breeze. It's so soothing.
I sold the dishwasher and replaced it with a small chest freezer which I'm enjoying even more!

gail said...

Hi Cyn,

My grandmother move into a little place that had a dishwasher and she used it to store her good dinner set . I thought it was a great idea and it was very easy for her to get out when she had guests. I rather like hand washing my dishes. When I use my dishwasher there are things that I can't put in it and I have to hand wash them anyway so I quite often wash the lot instead by hand.

Blessings Gail

Sherry in MI said...

I've been enjoying your blog the past few months (found it thru a link from Angie's blog). I have the fondest memories of my elderly grandparents standing next to each other in the kitchen every night after dinner. She washed and he dried. They chatted about their day and I always thought it was so romantic.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Cyn,
I so enjoyed this post brought a smile, not because your dishwasher isn't working, but because I seldom use mine and I also use it to store pots and dishes. Shhh!! Can't we keep this a secret just between us!
I know what hard water does to appliances. Have a most blessed 4th of July enjoying it with your family and friends.
Hugs Sue

Sincerely, Emily said...

hi - another use for the dishwasher - use it at a drying rack. So hand wash and put in dishwasher to dry...keeps counter clear for other things. Emily

jules said...

I'm like Emily, I hand wash our dishes, then use the dishwasher to drain them. Occasionally I'll run a load, if we've had company, just to keep the pipes clear and clean out the inside of it, but other than that, we just don't use it. Well, other than dish storage. Seems it never gets emptied either. lol

cityfarmer said...

I just finished washing the dishes...hehe..
I've had a few DW in my day ... I never want another on unless I can afford the new style that comes in the form of a drawer on top and one smaller one on bottom. Why did not someone invent that long ago???

Must've been a woman who thot of it.

I love your little potato bin....very handy dandy!

I watch the birds while I do dishes.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I'm so sorry about your dishwasher and can sympathize having DW woes of my own. My Bosch is also from Sears, cost $$$$ and is in need of repair :( No potatoes in it yet!

Kate said...

We've almost always had a dishwasher... and always used it for storage. I've never actually used one! And yes, we'll but one for this house too... when it's time to sell.

Karen Sue said...

My mom was just quotin' this to me last week. She tried to say it and couldn't get it to come out right, then she emailed me back...
Use it up, wear it out, make do or go without!!
Hey Farmgirl..can you tell me how to grab that kitchen table thing from down-to-earth Rhonda and post it on my blogspot spot?? I am stumped...

JLB said...

I liked hand washing until it stacked up! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas on things to do with the boys!

Kelle said...

Okay in 25 yrs of marriage I've never had a dishwasher....and I proudly admit it was my choice! *wink* When we remodeled our kitchen, the designer just couldn't believe I didn't want a dishwasher.

I've never minded washing dishes by hand, well.... except on holidays when there are lots of pots and pans plus extra dishware.

When the kids were old enough we rotated chores, everyone did dishes! Another chore assigned with dishes was to think of what to have for the next day's supper and get items needed out on the counter and if meat was needed, get it in the frig to thaw. I still abide by this, even for just the three of us.

Have a blessed Independence Day!

Cindy at PlantSomeRoots said...

Love your post. We also have a 'new' dishwasher that died an early death. I'm stubborn and will not buy another one. Good things can come from doing dishes by hand. I now have some wonderful ideas for new uses for that new/dead thing! Thanks everyone!

Rachel said...

I have never owned a dishwasher, but would love to have one. Our home is too small for one. It would make great storage so I think you are putting it to good use!

Happy 4th to you and yours!

Karen Sue said...

Yeah, and Farmgirl,
you are safe. I'll not send you a box full of glass topped canning jars. I'm wondering just what I got myself into and if I'll still have to go buy some new ones. :o)

Pam said...

I do some of my best meditating while doing the dishes by hand.