Monday, August 31, 2009


Blueberry pie

Here and there and it seems like everywhere!
For the last month I have had physical therapy 2-3 times a week, trying to see if they could ease some of the pain I have had in both knees and left heel.
Not so much.
Saw the orthopedic surgeon again today:
Diagnosis: severe osteo-arthritis in both more cartiledge, it is down to bone-on-bone.
So... we are scheduling knee replacement surgery for the 1st of the year.

That was my choice....I just can't fathom being off my feet for weeks just before the holidays.
Here in West Michigan, our winters are notoriously wicked, so I typically hibernate January thru March anyway. Surgery in January shouldn't interrupt "life" too much.

I've also had the pleasure of taking care of my grandson once a week for the past month.
Been lovin' THAT!

I have done what I could in the gardens...harvesting, freezing and canning.
Lots of tomatoes in the freezer and jam in the cupboards.
Peaches and peppers coming up this week.

I've been like a crazy woman in the kitchen...trying new recipes and new cuisines!
Indian cooking is a new favorite....LOVE those spicy foods!
Working on the PERFECT pie crust...I think I'm close!

I'm tired just tellin' about it!
I DO believe I am ready for autumn.
How 'bout you?

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Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for agreeing to join us in prayer for our church. It is so awesome to know that many are binding together in agreement with us to stop satan in his tracks.

Enjoyed my visit here!

Farmchick said...

Hi! Ouch for your knees! My Mom had the same diagnosis as you in one knee and had the knee replacement in May.

I have been like a crazy woman around here too! :))

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you for your sweet comments regarding my dog. I appreciate your encouragement. I'm sure that like you, we'll be telling Oscar stories 25 years from now. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. God Bless!

Faith said...


Oh, that sounds SO painful! I'm glad you are going to be able to get something done about it, and that you can find a time of year that will be better for you.

Your pie looks delicious. I had hoped we could go get more blueberries, but never got the chance. That's the best looking blueberry pie I've seen.

I like a thick pie crust. I know it defies all the "perfect" crust rules, of being thin, but I like some substance to it. The flakiness is important, though.

I have a sister in MI, Ypsilanti. She does not like those winters. I'm still hoping one day that God will give me control of the weather. I have such beautiful days planned. ;-)


Maria said...

Blueberry pie my FAVORITE !
It's always my birthday request instead of cake! Yours looks scrumptious!

A friend of mine had both knees replaced... I remember how she cried with joy that she could walk without pain... keep us posted Cyn, we'll keep you in prayer!

Love that you could have time with your grandson...
Those lil' ones are like water to a thirsty soul...

All the best to you!

ps. If you like blog stickers, I made this one the other day and posted it for all the Friendly Bloggers out there take freely and share ...

Dawn said...

I feel for you.
I watched the hubs deal with pain for too many years!
He had both knees done at the same time in Jan '08. You may remember that. Maybe not.
He checked into a nursing home for four weeks afterward for recovery.
That was a God send! I could never have helped him myself. He's 6'3" and weighed waaaay too much for me to help him up and down.
After the nursing home, he had PT for several weeks.
He's better than ever now!~ He says he feels better at 59 than he did at age 50.
God is good.
You poor will no doubt hear lots of tales of knee replacements now.

Dawn said...

one more thing.
I want that pie.
ALL of it!
Shameful, isn't it?

Pomona said...

What a lovely looking pie - I have just been picking apples to freeze and store for the winter - a very autumnal activity!

Pomona x

Sherry in MI said...

Amidst your busy schedule, I imagine you will also be freezing some meals in preparation for January! Homemade soup and bread always tastes great on a cold Michigan day (of which we've had too many already)!

cindy said...

You are a trooper!
Farming, cooking, babysitting plus countless other do you do it with the pain?

Your farm boy doesn't know how nice he has it, does he??? tee hee