Wednesday, September 02, 2009


It'a a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

These are the "after" photos.
I dare not show you the "before."
Someone might report me.

In my defense, may I say that these chickens are not as dirty as the last bunch.
They seem to spend a lot more time out in their fenced in area, and not a lot of time in the coop.
Plus the fact that we got these chickens in late May, so the weather has been nice enough that they didn't HAVE to spend much time inside.

Now I can rest easy for a few months, just adding a bit of shavings and straw when needed.
I will give it a thorough cleaning with soap and water right before the holidays, so I don't have to concern myself about them till I am up and back on my feet after surgery the 1st of the year.

Two of the three roosters met their maker yesterday. Can you believe that out of the ten chickens, 3 of them are roosters???
Farmboy butchered for the 1st time ever, taking a little over an hour from start to finish.
He says the hardest part was catching them, as we had already let them out of the coop for the day!
From what I understand, we have to let the meat set in the fridge for a day or two before cooking, so they are all zipped up in their Ziploc's, waiting for their grill debut!
We are hoping that since they are relatively young roosters, they will be tender.
We left one rooster with the 7 remaining hens, but we are unsure about his fate.
If he continues to be mean to the hens, he's next up at the guillotine!

The hens should be laying toward the end of September, first of October, so it was incentive for me to get out there and give them a cozy place to lay.

What are YOU doing now that the first taste of autumn has arrived?
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Anonymous said...

Strange, but I love chicken butchering day.

Faith said...

Ho boy, you should NOT see inside OUR coop! I don't even want to look in there.

I do know we still have the old pool walls to finish lining the walls with. That never got done.

Only 3? That's pretty good! Well, unless you ordered pullets. That would be bad. LOL

I hate butchering. Good job, Farmboy!!!

I'm not sure on that either. I know when we butchered out some guinea hen and a goat, the meat got rigormortis, and I thought the aging was to eliminate that. Kinda grody. LOL

You need some sort of temp relief on those knees. Injections of silly putty or something. I can't imagine how much you must be hurting right now. Ouch!


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

My little chicken house is small so I clean it out about every other week. Mine free range in the day so they do not spend much time in the coop. I have 12 laying hens~no mean roosters! I have been using shavings. Does hay work better? I just got my first egg yesterday~woo hoo!
This is my first flock~I am having so much fun. I am just not sure how to keep them from eating my flowers~?

Judy said...

I just found your blog and love it. We just got chicks for the very first time about 3 weeks ago. I can't wait until they start laying eggs. We also had 9 roosters sent along to keep the chicks warm so we are going to butcher them late fall. We have never ever done anything like that before so it'll be an experience.
Love your blog.

Catherine Anne said...

We just cleaned our out today. It was BAD! This bunch are pretty gross! Great post!

Maria said...

I would LOVE to have chickens...
Cyn... it seems like yesterday I was reading your posts on setting up for them and then getting them on craig's list!
There's nothing like homegrown chickens...eggs...veggies...everything!
All the best, Maria

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Cyn,
Now that you have finished cleaning out your hen house I have one that is way over due, see you at tomorrow by the hen house, I will have coffee and muffins ready for us. LOL.
Love this post, and I just went and read more of your previous and enjoyed all of them, Let me wish you a belated but happy Birthday ,mine was on the tenth, so we can maybe celebrate together next year.
I love the post that you wrote on your birthday too. I will be remembering you in prayer concerning your surgery.
Thank you for coming by and visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. I am so happy to put your name in the hat for the drawing Sat. Good luck, and have a very happy Labor Day weekend.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

We got rid of more roosters because they were mean to the hens and everyone else! The last one was a great rooster and kept watch over his little harem like a nice rooster should.

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah .. loved this post. My beloved has been cleaning out the chicken coop too .. .the job is bigger. . but what is hauled out is the same. .where ever your coop may be.
I love the roosters. We ofen leave one rooster in a barn full of hens. . it keeps the hens on their feet. . .feeling perky.

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