Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Dirty cutting board.
Nasty, even.
Here's how to clean and treat them properly!
Wash thoroughly with a soapy, wet sponge.
Rinse carefully.
Do Not, I repeat, do NOT leave wooden cutting boards in water or EVER put in dishwasher.
This will warp and likely split your board.
Also, note to self....wooden cutting boards are NOT to be used as a hot pad.
(see burn marks which will never go away)

Pour white vinegar all over board...several tablespoons.
Leave sit for 5 minutes.
Wipe board with paper towel or clean rag.

Pour and spread 3-4 TBL food grade mineral oil.
Do NOT use any type of cooking oil as it will eventually turn rancid.
Food grade mineral oil can be found in any pharmacy.
Also reputed to be a gentle laxative.
I wouldn't know.

Let mineral oil soak in for 15 minutes.

Time lapsed photography!

Wipe any excess with a clean, dry paper towel or rag.

Repeat often, at least once a week.
It really takes very little time, and the rewards will be a cutting board that will likely outlive YOU!

Some other tips for cutting boards...
Never use glass or metal to cut on.
It can, and will, destroy your precious knives.
Wooden cutting boards CAN be used for raw meat.
Just do not use the same cutting board for anything else.
I prefer to use mine for everything EXCEPT raw meat.
I use the plastic, flexible ones for raw meats and fish.
Just make sure, if you DO use a wooden board for raw meats, to clean and sanitize like above EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU USE IT.

I bought my old cutting board years ago at a tiny shop in the burbs of Chicago, run by Mary, a sweet friend of Joy. I have found a couple this summer at garage sales, and bought one for $1.00 for Farmboy to re-finish as a Christmas gift for our daughter Gina.
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L.A. said...

Mine is bamboo...do you clean the same?

Farmgirl Cyn said...

L.A.... I'm thinkin' yes, treat it the same way. Especially don't leave it soaking in any kind of water. Ever. Hope that helps!

cityfarmer said...

I'm thinking I need to do this.
Don't want to though.
Don't use the boards, instead I'm using a big chunk of tumbled marble...
I'm thinking I still need to do this.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Cityfarmer (Joy)...AAGGHH! The marble is REALLY hard on your knives! From what I have read, it should be either wood or plastic. I used to use a large piece of corian, thinking it was a really good substitute for wood...it's not.
I have come to love my wood boards...get yours out and try 'em again!

Faith said...

Great information on care!

Mine are getting a little dry. :)


Aunt Jenny said...

Great post! I need to find a new wood cutting board. Youngest daughter thought she was helping about 6 months ago and soaked mine overnight in hot water when I was gone. ARGHHH! Caught same daughter putting my favorite cast iron skillet in the dishwasher once too...luckily before she turned it on!
I love all my wooden spoons and my little bamboo cutting board but need to find a nice big one again. Yours is beautiful

Kimberly said...

I've been looking in all the wrong places for mineral oil. Rx here I come!

Anonymous said...

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