Sunday, December 27, 2009


Bleak and dreary

Today we are housebound as the snow just keeps on coming.
Not a bad thing, per se, as I have no where to go anyways!
And it's nice and cozy inside, with soup simmering on the stove.

Winter garden with hen house
(poor chickens!)

Thankfully, Pete has taken care of the chickens today.... feeding, watering, and collecting.
He opened the coop door for the morning to get some fresh air circulating, but went out this afternoon to lock them in.
A few handfuls of cracked corn tossed on their straw strewn floor will keep them busy and give them some much needed fuel for warmth.

Leftovers soup

With the weather all blustery, soup seemed to be in order.
I had some stock I defrosted along with a small bag of organic cauliflower from July's CSA pick up. Tossed in a couple of cups of leftover cheesy potatoes, a few chopped scallions, top with a bit of freshly grated parmesan... and lunch was on the table.

Sam's Christmas hat

I started knitting a hat a couple of weeks ago, not sure if I would be able to finish it in time for Christmas. And...not sure if it would come together as easily as the pattern suggested.
Cause when it comes to knitting, if it's not easy-peasy, I won't be there.

This is 2 simple stitches....knit and purl.
No circular needles.
No trying to decipher a pattern.
That's it!
And don't you just love the ribbing on it?
That comes from knit 2, purl 2...over and over and over!

This came thru as promised, and Sam loves it.
Find the pattern HERE.
And make sure you get Chunky yarn like the pattern calls for.
While recuperating from surgery I plan on knitting a couple more.
If "I" can do it, really, anyone can!

We'll talk real soon,

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Donna said...

LOL, I can't knit, so I'll have to pass on that project! Looks like a great hat. Knitting will be a nice thing to do while passing the time between the knee exercises and therapy sessions! That weather looks a bit frightful, but beautiful at the same time.

Glad you liked my latest post and pictures. I am not familiar with Canon equipment, but others have said that they like Rebel! Hubby is a retired pro and he's partial to Nikon equipment. If you want used equipment that has already been checked out (and graded on condition), get on We've done business with them for years. For new equipment, www.bhphotovideo is the way to go! We even bought our digital TVs from them. No sales tax and many times they have free shipping too.

Christy said...

there must be something wrong with me, as look at what you call bleak and think oh how nice it would be to have snow and soup rather than sun and popsicles!
The grass is always whiter!
Keep Warm

Jenna said...

Yes, it's snowy on this side of the state too! I'm staying warm by the fire (sort of) and I was working on sewing a tiered skirt, but lost a few of the pattern pieces that were already cut out...I gave up for a while but I"m going to go looking in our sewing abis (room) again:)

Have a great afternoon!!

p.s. CUTE background...

Camille said...

I love being snowed in as long as I have food and heat and family safely inside with me! Your hat looks great! Well done! :)

I will pray that all goes well for your surgery...God is faithful and NEVER gives us more than we can bear. One day at a time...WITH HIM!

With Love,

Debbie said...

I saw your question about the Canon Rebel. I have a Canon Rebel EOS XTi -- It is 3 years old and I'm not sure it is made any longer. I would suggest you investigate the XSi or the T1i. Good luck. Thne Canon is a great DSLR.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Cynthia.....your hat is awesome! Thanks for sharing it. I will give it a go...I'm SO tired of dishcloths!

I thought for a moment that you had been here and taken a picture of my yard. It looks just the same here! The girls were none too happy, and didn't really venture out of the coop today.

Your day sounds lovely!

When is your surgery?

Melodie said...

Soup looks yummy! The hat looks great! I am learning to knit to ,I love it! I made The Boy a hat that looks almost just like the one you made.It was on circular needles,which gave me a hard time since it was my first time using them.I need easy-peasy too!


Only the LORD knows how much I LOVE SNOW!!! We were just snowed in for 3 days here in Sourthern NJ which in this state is unheard of but it was beautiful!

I fondly remember your precious state of Michigan! Just before I moved away from there at the age of five - we had a snow storm that yielded 36 inches of white powder. I will never forget the vision of that day in my mind! There is nothing like the snow in the midwest! Enjoy it with the soup and a cozy fire!

Blessings, Stephanie

christschild said...

I love the snow...very pretty:) I wish we could have some. Hope you have a great evening.

Janean said...

Cyn, cold weather, easy knitting and hearty soup--PERFECT! i'm off to look at the pattern.

Brandi Reynolds said...

mmm...that soup looks so cozy compared to the wintery outside...


Maria said...

Love the hat, Cindy!
Love the winter view from your porch... and makes me think back to your post in the late spring about having your devotions on the porch!

Fresh Parm cheese~~~ on anything~~~

A peaceful 2010 to you and to all~

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

the soup looks divine! I'm sorry you are envious about the chevre- get some goats! I think everyone should...*U*

Danielle said...

good luck with the surgery and wishing for a speedy recovery. I love your new "look". the soup sounds fab. Darling hat...and the snow pictures just seem so peaceful. Happy New Year to you!

Faith said...

Yup, it's knitting time again! I hope to have a knitting party soon - great excuse to eat and gab all night.

Your hat is the cutest. I love those chunky yarns. So is the surgery coming up soon?

Winter is the perfect time for soups, I had some this evening as well. I need to use up all those veggies I dried this summer. lol


cityfarmer said...

so many new friends here ...
the hat is snuggl-y wuggl-y

make me one ...
loved ourFB chat this morning ....

This Cherry Life said...

It's a little brighter today!!! Hope you're still warm and cozy over there. I love the hat!