Saturday, December 26, 2009

There's got to be a morning after...

Memere and Trena, Christmas afternoon

The day after Christmas and all thru the house, no Trena was playing, it's quiet as a mouse...

Today the kids packed up and headed for Jon's family, about 15 minutes from us.
They stayed here for the 1st half of their vacation and now they will be over there till they leave on Friday.
We will see them once more for sure, but we have had our time and now it's their turn to dote on her.

Trena and Auntie Gina

She loves books and Auntie Gina was glad to have a chance to hold her.
She actually warms up to folks quite easily, which has been a real blessing since everyone wants to pick her up!

Trena and Uncle Sam

Even Uncle Sam got into the act, with Trena and he both making the same funny faces.

Kaylee and Trena

Christmas eve was spent with some dear friends who have a granddaughter just a wee bit older than Trena. Both dressed in red, they had a fun time exploring one another's faces!

I am so glad the festivities are over, and I can sit back and relax just a bit before surgery on the 8th. I am trying to figure out what will need to be moved around so I can maneuver a walker, and planning some very simple meals that Pete will be able to pull together without much fuss.
From the sounds of it, I will be out of commission for a while and the more I prepare ahead of time, the less frustrating it will be when I really CAN"T do for myself.

We did get our old laptop up and running, so I can bring that to the hospital and also blog from my bed when I get home.

I am most anxious to get the tree and the little bit of decorating I did all put away and cleaned up so at least it will FEEL normal again.

Wishing you the warmest after-holiday weekend ever!

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Jane said...

I loved all the pictures of Trena but the one with her and Uncle Sam is the expressions!

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Love the hair, Cyn. You look like one of my relatives now! On the French Canadian side, of course.

Also love the blog topper and the cute family pix.

Good luck with surgery! You will be in my thoughts.



Donna said...

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the new year! Yes, it is good that you are getting things prepared for your recovery. Besides a walker, you will also need an extension for your toilet, cane, and ice packs. Hopefully, the hospital had a little class for you so that you know what to expect. And don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I'll be praying that it all goes smoothly for you!

Amy said...

oh what a gorgeous christmas you had cyn! blessings everywhere!
May your surgery go perfectly and may you heal quickly! xo

Mindy said...

hi Cyn..from the looks of it..your Christmas was indeed a blessed one! Praying for you for your upcoming surgery!! Be blessed and Happy New YEar!!

Penny said...

Cyn, Thinking of you. Please keep us posted on your status. You are in all of our thoughts including mine. I care about you.