Saturday, March 20, 2010

But that was yesterday's gone

Hen House Clean-out

The 1st spring hen house cleaning is pretty bad.
They've pretty much been coop ridden for a few months and they DO make a big mess.
But it was in the mid 60's this week, and it was time.
Sam helped with the actual pitch fork work, tho I think I could have done it.
He's just stronger and faster and I wasn't about to turn that down!
And they go berserk once they get back in there with fresh pine shavings covered with 1/2 bale of straw.
Scratch, peck.
Scratch and peck some more!
Till it's re-arranged just the way they like it!

Front porch sittin'

A couple of weeks ago the hens and Big Red were running around, willy nilly, totally enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps. Naturally they have to check out the porch and peek in the bedroom windows!

1st Day of Spring Snow

Then this!
Snow on the 1st day of spring???
It doesn't stop the chickens...there's still bits of fresh grass and weeds poking thru the snow and they are bound and determined to get it while they can!

And I am not in the least disturbed.
Winter must have it's last hurrah (or two, or three) and I can't begrudge it.
Easy to say as next week we climb back in the mid 50's.

Just biding my time...
waiting till the ground is warm enough to work the soil...
then popping in some early peas, baby lettuces, and arugula!

I know that others in the Pacific Northwest are already in the planting mode and I love reading about what's being planted or coming up in other parts of the world.

How does YOUR garden grow this 1st day of spring?

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Faith said...

Wow, good job! Come and do mine!

Doesn't watching the chickens wander about the yard just give you the feeling that all is right with the world? ~~ As long as you don't think about anything else. LOL

Nothing more yet than what I've posted in my blog. Desperately need a truck to haul gravel in!


Anonymous said...

...and you are going to clean the porch too.

Mrs. M -- (Mosaics From Home) said...

Love the front porch photo. How precious!!

~Mrs. M

Melodie said...

We have been wonderfully warm here..but is was a trick! There is cold coming today and near freezing tomorrow night!

Camille said...

WooHoo! Your chickens must be thrilled that you cleaned up for them! You look great by the is that knee of yours doing?? We are planning to go for a bike ride this first day of digging in the dirt gardening yet...but soon! :) The cherry blossom tree is ready to burst out in bloom...LOVE IT!! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Julie said...

Woot! That first dirty job of Spring Cleaning - the Chicken House! I remember that. Justin was so good about being faithful with the pen and house out back. Kurt used to get 100# bags of wood shavings from a place here in Charlotte. The ladies loved it. They would literally bathe in it, then stand up and shake and fluff..hehe. Wishing for hens again one day. Got to either wait til Kobe is gone or too old to care about chasing them!!!!!!
Have a great weekend. loved the photos.

Jane said...

That looks like quite a job! Bet the hen's are happy with their clean home.
We had snow today's still coming down.

Lynn said...

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me today on my blog! I love your front porch!! I bet youar hen's are real happy with their fresh and clean home now!

Have a great weekend!


Kristy said...

Thank you. I do enjoy your blog!

Out here in Cali the weather was beautiful! And you are right, my husband and I had a planting discussion today about what we will grow this year because it's time to get planting! Actually, he does all the growing, I do all the cooking!
Love the chicken pics.

Janean said...

it's funny you're cleaning while they're relaxing and clucking contently. LOL.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

It always amazes me to see chickens in the snow. It is autumn here and because of our climate it is a great time to plant, we are also frost free all year so you can grow almost anything. Salad leaves do better at this time of year as they are less likely to go to seed.
There are huge bunches of bananas sitting on my patio, Tahitian limes on the tree and the mandarin tree is loaded this year. The first coffee beans on our trees also appeared. Need a few more before we try our hand at making our own coffee!
I eagerly await spring, especially when I see those chickens on your porch as we need new chickens, we only have a few old ladies left and they have decided their egg laying days are over!

Maria said...

Hi Cindy! The miracle of Cindy's knee! When we were kids, a knee replacement happened in science fiction! Look at you! You're sweeping up outside after a snowstorm!

I can't say it enough...that I think your chickens are cuties!

Hope the snow melts soon! Take Care Cindy! ~Maria

Susan said...

I dont get to plant in my garden until the end of May. We live at 7000 ft and the ground is not warm enough......also we get late frosts.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, I must say I was begrudging the snow - that's for sure.
We had 64 degrees the day before and then snow the next day - sick.
I am a little behind but am ordering my seeds today - then it will FEEL like the real deal around here!

cindy said...

Hey, Cindy-

Would you give us a picture of what your hen house looks like? We are thinking about raising chickens but we are not very creative.
We've got the incubator taken care. Now we just need some help with the hen house.


*Ulrike* said...

Since my chickens are not bunked in with snow during the winter I constantly have to clean their house. Thank goodness it is just a little thing. We do not have anything in the garden yet as it is not ready, and we have had so much rain. There are always 101 things to do....

KathyB. said...

You and I have similar ideas come spring. We did a lot of deep pen cleaning the last 2 weeks, and now that I am back from a trip there are more pens to deep clean. It is hard and smelly work, huh? But like you, I enjoy watching the animals frolic and roll in their newly clean and bedded pens!

Snow, I am still wanting a little snow day , please, just 1 more?

Renata said...

Love your shovel you're using - it sure would be handy for cleaning out the mess - is it a snow shovel?

It's funny as you warm up we're gearing up for some colder weather. In fact I had to put on a jumper for the first time this morning!
Have a nice day
Renata :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Way to cute~I am going to do that tomorrow!

Amy said...

oh gosh! I remember the spring hen house cleaning;) you look great! and I adore the picture of all of them on the porch! oh don't get me started on food inc:( completely appalled here. this is what happens when they hold power and police themselves in congress. I think I'm on the wrong post to post this, but. sad so sad. thanks for all of the info you passed along! xo

kansasrose said...

Love that pic of ya hon! Tried and true midwestern farmbroad grit there! Rock it out!!! :)