Monday, March 22, 2010


Nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary

I'm back on the warpath.
After spending the weekend reading "Seeds of Deception" by Jeffrey M. Smith, and "Real Food...What to Eat and Why" by Nina Planck, I could hardly think straight!
Pacing the floor, incensed over what is happening to our food industry right under our very noses!
Did you know, for instance, that MOST of our processed food has genetically modified ingredients in them?
Even so called "healthy" processed foods?

Check this link and see for yourselves!

Did you know that the FDA has said that these foods do NOT need to be labeled?
You read that right.

Seems the powers that be (Monsanto) thinks that kind of info would cause fear to rise up in the hearts of the American people and they would run from anything labeled genetically modified.

Kinda like we all ran from milk when they added those crazy hormones RBST/RBGH???

Or, at the very least, many consumers would do some research for themselves and determine if GM foods were acceptable for them.
But no.
The average consumer has NO idea what they are ingesting.

Do yourself, and your loved ones a favor, and rent/purchase/borrow FOOD, INC.
It's not all the information we need, but it's a start.
And for those who are already aware, I can only say...


If your grocery money will only stretch just so far, make the wisest purchases possible.
Get rid of as many ingredients containing corn syrup solids as you can.
Use REAL butter, not margarine, or "I can't believe it's not..."
Ditch as much processed foods as your family will allow.

Baby steps!

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Melodie said...

This is why we chose to "homestead".I know every one can not do this but if they have a yard put in some raised beds for veggies and some fruit tress.Plant pots of veggies on your balcony...find a community garden.Stop buying processed foods and learn to cook! GET ANGRY and do something about the poison that is being passed off as food! If not for yourself then for your children!

Renata said...

I'm trying slowly to weed out the GM foods - anything that isn't the way that God made it. Around here GM is talked about a lot as many farmers are trialing new GM varieties of grain. Some of them are only modified to make the straw shorter & the head fuller - not change the end product. I do wonder though what kind of effect it will eventually have though.
Great topic - lots to think about!
Renata :)

Tonya said...

I feel the same way. I am on a mission. However, did you read/listen to FAST FOOD NATION? Very similar!

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

what struck me most is how terribly our smaller farmers are treated and pushed around by the likes of Monsanto. No wonder so many people are calling it quits and selling out to the big corporations.

Dianna said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You have such interesting posts and I've also met some of the nicest people through visiting some of the blogs on your "friends list". Thank you for such a comfortable place to visit!

kathi @ traybella said...

i have been wanting to get this movie and have my whole family watch it.
eat from the earth!

Kathy said...

Not ranting...
People need to heed this information!
Bless you for caring enough to get it out there.
That is precisely the reason we moved to a farm when we were raising our family...
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Maria said...

Hi Cindy!
I can only wish I had more land (seriously only 1/2 acre!) but we do what we can with our lil' gardens. We're still enjoying our onions...and my husband and a buddy of his go to local farms to buy winter produce (i still have potatoes in a burlap sack) and tons of rhubarb in my freezer from the garden...
wish I could grow more and learn more about canning.
Gettin' back to basics, Cindy!
thanks for the tip on the book!
We're all full of chemicals... That might be why we have that healthy "glow"
Take care dear ♥


People do need this information and like you said... baby steps!

Cyn --- Thank you for your encouraging comment on my last post! I felt like throwing up while I was writing it and asking God for each and every word there. It took me hours to do it because I just wanted it to be what GOD was speaking from His Word. I know you are in deep prayer for our nation. Let's be encouraged with that. Prayer is the way back to God! It always starts with PRAYER!

{{{Hugs}} Stephanie

Lisa (the mom) said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I've passed my copy on to so many friends/family. Usually they take it with an "eye roll" then return it with mouths open!

(Another good book is Omnivores Dilemma.)

Anyway, thanks for ranting! :-)

Holly said...

Call me chicken but I only read what I have to about the industry and then steer as far away from foods from the store as possible. It is way too upsetting for me and so I concentrate each day using my limited energy on ways I can become more and more independent. What I research is the products i have to buy and ways to produce as my own. I'm even going to grow a little grain though I have only a very small area for it. Who knows someday I may have a larger space and I want to be ready.

Rachel said...

You are so right! I read Food Nation and it revealed a lot. I try to buy meat here from Laura's Beef, which is supposed to be cattle that are grass fed only.

I am trying to read labels more and, as you said, baby steps!

Lola Nova said...

Oh dear, don't get me started...
I am so thrilled that our local farmers market is open again. It makes shopping for local, organic and whole foods such a joy. We get to stop and talk to the actual farmers and ask the important questions and to eat amazing fresh food. Not to mention the sense of community and mutual support for a healthier life! Plus, less packaging waste and never am I stumped by the the question, "paper or plastic?" I just put it all in my pretty hand made market bags. Hooray for delicious spring!

Anonymous said...

I recently attended a lecture by Joel Salatin - awe inspiring!

After watching Food, Inc. I was so dismayed to learn that, even though I thought I was providing healthy, nutritious meals for my family, in reality I was not! I am working my way through a rather large stack of books - just finished The Omnivore's Dilemma and Fast Food Nation.

I am now working on an organic vegetable garden, purchase only local free range organic meats, and have gone dairy free.

I really believe that if more people paid attention to what they are eating and "voted" with their food dollars things would change.

Regan Family Farm said...

We saw it too, and it made an impact on hubby! It costs a fortune to eat well, but like you said, every little bit helps.

Kate said...

Couple of things:

Although GMO crops are not identified for the end purchaser (us), there is at least a way to tell if the produce in your grocery store is GM. Look at the produce ID number. Most of them are four digits long and start with the number 4. These are "conventionally" grown crops. Organic items have five-digit codes that start with the number 9. GMO crops start with the number 8, and I *think* they are five digits long, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

To Renata, there are definite effects to making grain crops shorter. The stem of the plants, which is "waste" as far as humans are concerned, is not seen by nature as "waste." (Really, there's no such thing as waste in nature, but that's another issue.) The point is that that organic material has always been returned to the field to feed the soil. When we return less organic material to the soil, we undermine the longterm fertility and fecundity of that soil. We're shorting the systems we depend upon for our very lives in so many ways. This is just one more example.

Kathleen Grace said...

I am very interested in this subject. I was raised on a farm where grandma and grandpa grew their own food, meat, eggs.Grandma made her own butter, bread, cottage cheese,and pasta, almost everything. We also took vitamins as kids, enough to turn me off them for a while when I grew up in fact! Husband and I have always cooked from scratch, avoided most processed foods and fed our own kids this way. Now at 51 with two healthy grown kids, I look around and most people I know who don't eat the way we do, are in poor health. Even their kids are in poor health! We are the healthiest people we know in fact and I have to assume it is because we stayed away from the processed foods that so many have turned to. I swear they are killing people! Now, as a school lunch lady, I see what the school feeds kids, some of the scraps I won't even bring home for the chickens. I am looking forward to Jamie Olivers show tonight. More people need to wake up to the fact that convenience foods lead to an early grave.

Sandra said...

Generally, country people live better than city people because we can grow our own food or buy/barter with other country folks who have what we need and vice versa.

So many people don't realize there's no "they"; it's "US" and I don't mean USA. WE are the problem and therefore the solution! Corporations are made up of people like teachers, nurses, doctors, government employees, union workers, etc. who have 401.K's, retirement plans, etc. who have stock in Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, etc.
If we want better food, why aren't we at the share holder's meetings raising holy heck?
I just had this exact same conversation with a woman in the mammogram waiting room. She was up in arms and wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise until I pointed out to her she kept interrupting me. When I told her about US being the problem AND the solution, her response was, "well, the companies need to do something RIGHT and do it RIGHT NOW!" She agreed she, probably, had stock in Monsanto but she wouldn't make the choice to go to the share holder's meetings. Would it make a difference? I don't know but neither does she until she tries. Change starts with all of us, one person at a time and then becomes a sweeping influence.
We vote with our money and with our feet; our voice is rarely heard.

Sonja said...

I so appreciate your recent posts. We have seen "Food Inc." and just watched "King Corn" last night. Listening to the audio book, "In Defense of Food" and hoping to get to many others on my list. Our budget is very tight, but I'm determined to do what we can. Thanks for encouraging us!

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