Friday, May 07, 2010


Farm fresh, raw milk... cream on the top!


Yesterday my friend Dar and I drove 1 hour north to go to the Trufant Flea Market, which just happens to be just a few miles down the road from our dearest friend Angie, from Maple Valley Farms.
The plan was to meet Ang at the flea market, walk around, then head back to her place.

Angie, Dar, and me at a cafe in Trufant

But before heading back to her farm...some down time at a tiny cafe where we gabbed for nearly 2 hours. We talk on the phone fairly regular, but we don't get to see each other face-to-face very often, so we took advantage of our precious time together.

Raw milk setting to gather the cream

She told me to bring a couple of glass jars and she would give me a couple gallons of fresh milk from their jersey girl.

What an awesome gift!
Thanks again, Angie!

1/2 gallon, nearly gone after just a couple hours at home

This has strengthened my resolve to get our very own cow share for raw milk as soon as possible.


LOVED our 1st visit to Trufant

Trufant Flea Market is kind of a quaint, old fashioned flea market. Held every Thursday from April thru November, we try to get up there at least a couple of times during the season. Lots of junk, but plenty of goodies to be found also.
In the summer, in addition to the regular stalls of flea markety stuff, there will be lots of fresh home grown fruits and veggies, but this early in the season it was just flowers, hanging baskets, and potted perennials.
Several Amish families selling their home baked goodies, canned jams and pickles were there, and we typically find them chatty and very friendly.
Tho don't expect that just cause they are Amish that they sell healthy versions of baked goods.
Plenty of white flour and sugar at their stall!

Lots of flowers and perennials

After the cafe visit, we headed back to the farm for a first hand peek at the cottage they have available for rent.
Dar is already making plans to take one of her granddaughters up there for a couple of nights this summer. door to Angie's farm where we spent some time looking over the decorating she's been doing.
LOTS of painting and spring-sprucing has been done and it is ever so lovely.
I want that kitchen!
So huge, with awesome free standing cupboards and new handmade curtains hanging over the doorless cabinets.
The girls bedrooms were especially pretty with their Shabby Chic bedding and freshly painted floors.
And A's little bedroom nook was so dang cute!
Perfect for a young woman of 16!

Before you know it the time had gotten away from us, and we had to get home to our own families.

We had SO much fun, it won't be long before we will be up there again.


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Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a great day! When I see that milk it makes me miss the Jersey cow we had even more. I enjoyed so much the baking that we could do with the cream and just the taste of raw milk.

Jenna said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! We want to meet their family so bad...unfortunately we have no transportation right now (our 15 passenger broke:( but anyways:)

We absolutely "got milk"! Seven gallons a day from our Jersey and 7 from our goats...!

If you check out the website, you should be able to find a farm close to you with delicious raw milk - it is SO good for you!


Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a real wonderful time! There is nothing like drinking fresh cows milk! That's what we always had at home to drink when I was growing up. Sooo good!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am feeling more like myself every day now...which is great! I'm getting there by golly!

Happy Mother's Day and have a wonderful weekend!


jamjar said...

What a great day!!! I kept thinking..."Why no pictures of that kitchen?" Have you considered a goat?...the milk is great and they are easy to milk once they get used to it!

Barbara said...

Now that is super cool, my dh would love some of that, hugs Barbara

Regan Family Farm said...

I'm saying what Jenna is saying! Some day we hope to meet Ang and her family, and who knows, Trufant isn't that far from us...sounds like fun!
Have a great weekend (in spite of the weather)

Christy said...

color me green with envy!

Faith said...

I so miss having a cow for fresh dairy. What a blessing, and what a joyous time with friends you had!


katiez said...

We have something new at our local supermarket - a milk dispenser! It's a big, vending machine outside the store. One buys the glass bottle and it dispenses fresh, raw milk. I've got to both buy the milk and get a photo next week.
Your day sounds wonderful!

Faith said...


I had to look up your profile to see where you were at! France!

In the USA they've decided raw milk is too dangerous to drink, and raw milk dispensers will probably never be available for us.

Best reason yet to move to France! LOL


Jennifer Sikora said...

I gave you a bloggy award! Stop by and pick it up here:


Jennifer Sikora

Janean said...

cindy, thanks for taking us along on your wonderful adventure! though raw milk caused big problems in history due to unsanitary practices, humans thrived on it from the beginning of time. go for it!!!

cindy said...

I know you had ton's of fun that day.

You know, we live on a farm that used to be a dairy farm. It is neat to walk through the stalls just imagining a 4am milking. Part of the barn is for hay and the other half is for the milking.

YOU HAVE a great mother's Day!

Kelle said...

Sounds like a day full of blessing for all!
There is NOTHING like fresh raw milk or anything made from raw dairy.

Can't wait for our cow to freshen, she's taking her sweet time*wink*

Happy Mom's Day to you Cyn ;O)

Renata said...

Oh I am jealous - I would love to visit Ang's farm! I've been rereading her off-grid journey - it's wonderfully interesting & inspiring!
I can't wait for my baby to be big enough to give me milk - of course at the moment she's still on the bottle, however this time 2 years we'll be milking her. Before that - well there's no where around here that you can get raw milk - I don't even think they're allowed to sell it unpasturized in Aus.
Hope you have a lovely, relaxing & very Happy Mothers Day
Renata :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Oh, I miss fresh, raw milk! It is so good and so good for you.

I'm going to remember the name of that rose. It sounds divine! Thanks!

Anne Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

Blessings to you Cindy......I wish you could come in a few weeks...

~Anne Marie