Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grape/Rosemary Focaccia & Chicken at Sunset

Grape Focaccia with Rosemary

Another winner from Smitten Kitchen's blog!
When I first saw her post about this, I thought, nope, this one is NOT gonna be on the menu any time soon!
Just did not sound that appealing.
Boy, was I wrong!
1st off, her descriptions make you WANT to try this.
And then, when you DO try it, you want more.
And more.
I made this for a family gathering on Sunday, and it was met with raves, oohs, and aah's!
And recipe requests.
I can't wait to try it again!

Chicken at Dusk

Lately we have had to keep the chickens in their own, private courtyard, which is attached to their hen house.
Eggs being found in random places, scattered willy nilly, all around the yard.
Under a wheelbarrow, next to the picket fence, in a mess of weeds...
Hopefully having limited freedom will encourage them to lay IN the hen house, not around it!
So, the strategy has been...
Out of the hen house bright and early, but confined to their courtyard till around 4pm.
By 4pm, any laying they are going to do has pretty much been done.
At around 4pm, I let them out to run around they yard.
They take full advantage, and are seen hanging out by their coop door till the very last ray of sun has set.
The results?
A few eggs now being laid IN the hen house, but in unusual places.
Next to their water dispenser.
Under the roost.
But nothin' in their actual nesting boxes.
Crazy chickens.

Jens Monk rose covered in white autumn clematis

This clematis starts out in the spring on the OTHER side of this rose bush, in the inner courtyard of the front yard.
Teeny-tiny in the spring, one thinks it will never get going.

Autumn Clematis Explosion

An explosion of tiny, white star-like flowers with a heavenly fragrance has engulfed the entire corner of the courtyard garden.

Here it is again!

This view is from another side of the courtyard garden, again, across the fence from where the plant actually is.

I LOVE autumn.

Lots going on in the kitchen this week as I begin roasting Roma tomatoes, making sauces, and canning applesauce.

A big day comin, later on this week, tho.
You'll hear more by Saturday!

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cityfarmer said...

I think I must try this
the fam is coming for homemade sirloin vegetable soup Thursday evening ...
tweaked the dining room table and factored in FALL!

can't wait

SOUP'S ON here!!!

and oh yeah, the clematis reigns here in all her glory!

missn u

Faith said...

I can almost smell those gorgeous blossoms, just reading your description! sigh.... :o)

I have to agree with you, it doesn't seem appealing at first, but I sure trust your advice. I hope to try this!

I usually lock the birds up in the nests for a few days to get them back into laying there. The docile ones are more pliable than the squirrely breeds. Don't forget golf balls in the nests. :o)


Anonymous said...

those dang chickens. They're so cute though.

Vickie said...

Good morning! Funny about your chickens not laying in their boxes!
Makes egg-gathering just like Easter!

I was admiring your beautiful clematis. I have some purple ones that bloom early on in the summer, and then I have another one that is just now beginning to get some little blooms on it. AND I don't know what variety it is, so maybe it's going to be like yours! YEA!

Melodie said...

That clematis is stunning! I love fall too,it is my favorite season...it still has a while before it makes it down here!

Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh Cindy...That looks Delicious..PLEASE save me a bite...and IS that your house..Oh my goodness I can only see the adorable Roof so I can imagine what the rest looks like...Oh and I have always loved that song ADONAI and never knew who sang it...thanks for playing it..I am going to be sure to write it down and have my husband look him up on Itunes...
have a blessed day and enjoy your delicious bread..
In Christ

I just went back and restarted it because it finished..and I also saw you have Keith Green LOVE LOVE LOVE him...

Janean said...

cindy, grape and rosemary....mmmmm...but the bread....definitely yummy!

great post.

Pam said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The clematis is beautiful!!! The focaccia is calling my name.

Maria said...

Oh I can smell that focacia from here, Cindy!
I love your chicken updates...
I'm closing out here smiling now... thanks, Cindy for a little joy at the end of my day~

Camille said...

Your chicken story is too funny! AND your photos of the flowering bushes are GORGEOUS! You live in such a pretty spot Cindy. :)


P.S. Enjoy your kitchen time...I'm sure it's all smelling and tasting yummy!

Heather F. said...

I saw the recipe on smitten kitchen too and thought...strange, but I really want to try it. so I saved the recipe and now I need to find concord grapes!!!

KathyB. said...

I think this recipe looks and sounds delicious!

Those silly chickens, but you have the excitement of an egg hunt every day- not just at Easter!

Renata said...

I have never heard of using grapes with any kind of bread before! I do have a wonderful recipe for a potato and rosemary focaccia though.

My chickens are either laying around here & there as well, or we have a few who have stopped laying - I'm thinking I may have to follow your policy & lock them up until they are all laying in the hen house again (I'll keep them in the run which has plenty of nice green feed so it won't effect the quality of eggs).
Your garden is just beautiful - how I would love to take a walk with you around it!
Have a beautiful day

Barb J. said...

We're having the same problems with our hens. We have found clutches of eggs under a car, under the wood pile... all kinds of places.

Love the clematis. I've never tried to grow any myself but it's on my list of things to grow eventually.