Thursday, September 16, 2010


Big Red!

There's some blogging buzz going around where folks are showin' of their chicken coops, and tho mine doesn't hold a candle to the ones I have looked at/envied, I thought I would give you a peek at the chicken motel.

The Coop

I have ALWAYS wanted a few chickens to call my own, so....

Farmboy built me this coop out of scraps and a few bags of cement about 4 years ago.

There is a gate to the right of the yellow metal can (the feed can) where I can keep the chickens fenced in for a few hours during peak laying time.

This has really encouraged the laying of eggs INSIDE the hen house, not here, there, and everywhere!

Their little flip top door inside the fenced in area allows them access to the hen house and their food and water.

I LOVE the Dutch door he put in! Allows us to peek in there and see what they are up to without opening the door wide open.

They are sneaky little buggers, and desperately want OUT to explore!

Roosting bars with a small ladder.

All fresh and clean from yesterdays coop cleaning day.

This entails pulling everything out of there, hosing it down with some water and lysol, spraying down the walls, rinsing, then shop vac the water out.
We then let it dry for a couple of hours and put fresh pine shavings then fresh straw down.
We try to do this about 4 times a year.
In between those big cleanings, we do a regular poop scoop, probably once a week.


Aren't they cute?
Lookin' all shy on us!

Right now we have 9 layers and one rooster.
That is a good amount for us, and the coop really couldn't handle more than one or two more.

They are very friendly and come runnin', lickity split, when they hear the front door slam!
It means there could be treat of some black oiler sunflower seeds being tossed in the grass for them!

There's nothing fancy about the hen house, tho after seeing some of the other blogs, it has made me re-think the whole "plain-Jane" look on the insides!

Maybe a baby chandelier would brighten up the look?
A couple of family photos on the wall?

Gotta run!

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Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Awww, very cute door and handsome rooster!!! Is my french still useful... Is that merde? ;-0 Too funny~ thanks for sharing! I haven't gotten a few of my pics to load (again, grrr) but was excited to see this "party."

Pioneer Beauty said...


I love your COOP...MOTEL..We have a few Chickens that might want to travel and stay you serve Continental Breakfeast...: )

Lady Farmer said...

I think your chicken motel is lovely! And what's more important is that your chickens like it and it shelters them, gives them a place to lay eggs and roost! And it is immaculate! I clean our coop several time a year but I don't hose down the walls (wood rots too quickly here in the PNW with all the rain). The wall behind the roost is 'painted' a lovely gray and white stripe courtesy of the girls! ;~P Perhaps I should go with that theme and make up some stripey curtains for the windows!
The Dutch door is a great idea. I will have to get out the saw....

Gwynie Pie said...

I really like your chicken coop - it's real.

I'm catching up on blog reading today so I'm combining all my "comments" in this one spot :)

The peach and pear jams looked sooooo good. I never found peaches that tasted really, really flavorful this summer, so I passed on making preserves. It was a slow year from peaches around here I guess.

Lard --- okay, I've been hearing a lot it seems about people using lard. Better for you? My son was telling me that the price of lard in the stores has skyrocketed recently. Anyway, good job.

I always enjoy reading your blog....I've been missing keeping up with you lately. Blessings,

Gwynie Pie
The Pink Tractor

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

This makes me miss my chickens so much....maybe next spring won't be so busy and I'll get another brood...their house is all ready to move into....

We've got all the stuff and I so miss their excitement when they heard us coming with "treats" they loved my tomato skins and cores and all the goodies when I canned in the summer and fall!

Your little coop is adorable and so are you, Cyn!

Maria said...

Hi Cindy...
Oh I was just thinking of you tonight as I passed my neighbors down the road that have free-range chickens of all wonderful colors... they wander close to the road...and sometimes cross the road...
It's so grand to be driving home and have this fun to look forward to on my way ...
Wishing to have chickens!

Oh I do love your coop... and the Merde de poulet sign on the doors :o)
oh you're too funny!

Have a sweet weekend Cindy!

CottonLady said...

You have a very nice coop! Ours is a made over smokehouse room, used many years ago (no smoke smell anymore)in the old toolshed. The door does have a window in it, but that is about as fancy as it gets. Have 11 hens and they seem to be happy with their coop. Thanks for showing us yours.

KathyB. said...

Your FarmBoy has done a wonderful job with your chicken coop. Aren't chickens fun? they really are so easy to please too and in return we get such yummy and healthy eggs.Win-win!

cityfarmer said...

I love/ adore your shed ... and had a teeny part in the design, I might add ..

yours' was styling probably before the fancy ones came along!

what's it been, five years ... I long for those languid visits again

Camille said...

Fun to take a tour...thank you Cindy! :)

I think having laying hens is fabulous! I don't know first-hand, but I like the thought of it.


Kelle said...

OH! Cute. :o) Puts our ole farm coops to shame. We're pushing it to get them cleaned out twice a year, that is when we spray for mites and lice and dust the poultry with Diatomaceous Earth.

You've inspired me to work on a plan to fancy up our coops next Spring, just can't muster anything more this Fall*wink*

Jenna said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! You need to come over here and do that to our coop...actually, I don't think that there is any hope for our chicken's more like a dungeon, and we all despise going in there:)

Our chickens would love you.

teenagehealthfreak said...

i love that chicken coop!!! so cute. i've been begging my dad forever to get us some chickens and build a coop!!! i want some fresh eggs!!! ..i'm betting on a goat for christmas too! lol..fresh milk and cheese..well i guess i better hope for the chickens first!
and thanks for you comment, so nice to have support! :)

Anonymous said...

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