Friday, February 11, 2011

Indian Dal

Main Ingredient

Easy Peasy

Tho many Indian recipes can be complicated, for the most part, dals are not.
And they don't have to be incredibly spicy...your choice.

Moong Dal over Basmati Rice

I found the recipe HERE,
tho I didn't follow it exactly.
I left out the diced tomatoes, and also the asafoetida.
The asofoetida is difficult to find around here, and I have heard not good things about it's flavor.
Tho it is called for in many Indian recipes, most say it is optional.
I also increased the jalapeno to one whole, diced, without seeds.
Still not hot, but I think jalapeno's are just not that hot this time of year.

I had a couple of Tandoori Chicken thighs leftover from last night's supper, so those will get diced up and put in Farmboy's bowl.
The rice was also leftover from last night's supper, so really, this was a VERY easy peasy supper!

The whole kit-n-kaboodle only took about an hour to cook, and it is pretty much low maintenance.

In His grace,

side note:
SO much going on in the world...we must keep our eyes upon Jesus.
HE is our only hope...

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Dianna said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I've never tried one of your recipes that we didn't like!

I also like your side note!

Linda Stubbs said...

Hello Cyn,
I just hate it that I don't get to surf like I used to. Just saw you over at Heather's and had to stop by and say hi. Noticed your snow. We have it here also. Beautiful. I hear that we are going to have it in the 70's this next week. It will be gone. I really can't wait for spring, but like the snow also.

Well I trust that you will have a blessed SONday!
Hugs sweet friend, Linda
Prairie Flower Farm