Monday, February 20, 2012

Continuing the journey...with fresh paths

I LOVE this blog post title...

Continuing the journey...with fresh paths.

Starting over...
It can be a bad thing.
Or it can be a good thing.
I choose to call it "good".

Clothes hung out on a winters day this week!

We have finally moved into our new "home".
Sorry...I have to get used to calling it that....

My "stuff" getting put in all new places....

It was really....really hard at first.
But then, the more I was able to put my things, my chotchkies, my "junk" in spaces and places, the more I was able to take deep breaths and realize...
OK...this may not be my old home, but it was home, none-the-less.

No one had died.
No one was sick.
We had plenty of food, clothing, and now shelter.
It is, by far, more than most people in this world have.
And I am thankful.
Sheesh...did I just say that???

More "stuff"

Thankfully, we were able to keep most of our furniture, tho there are things we just could not/did not take that still makes me cry.

Imagine having to go to WalMart and replacing brooms, dustpans, mops, buckets, clothespins, drapery rods....
Cost us over $200 to replace what was lost.
$200 we did not really have.

And that doesn't include things like my sewing table, bookcases (ooh, I miss my bookcases!), etc.
Bread pans went missing, as well as jelly roll pans, and the brand spankin' new Chicago Metallic french bread pans I just got for my birthday.
Where, oh where art thou, bread pans????
(My dear friend Deby is sending me a special delivery of new glass bread pans and a french bread pan!!!)
I can not wait!
But there is a flea market every Thursday starting in the spring thru fall,  just down the road 4 miles, so I am looking to find some cast-offs there.

And I still can't find my iron.
yeah....found the ironing board, but no iron:(

Barkcloth curtains and vintage lamp....

U.G.L.Y. paneled walls...I know.
Perhaps the landlady will be willing to let us paint in the spring?

 View from my kitchen sink...southern exposure!

Somewhere out there will be an herb garden and a veggie garden.
Not too big, not too small...
Just right for two of us.
But lots of tomato plants!
Can one ever have too many tomatoes?
I think not!!!

The land here (1 acre) is barren....not a shrub, bush, or perennial in sight.
We have 2 smallish wild cherry trees in the front (northern exposure) and we have our bird feeders directly in front of them, right near our dinette window.
We are delighting in identifying new birds nearly every day.
Nuthatches, Goldfinch, Junco's, Chickadees, Titmice, Downy peckers, Red headed peckers, Cardinals, Jays, and far!

I am hoping/praying that friends who are near enough will share some of their perennials when it comes time to divide them in the spring.
I would love some ornamental perennial grasses in the front along the front of the trailer, and some lavender, peonies,.....
shoot, let's face it....I'll take just about anything for a bit of color here!
And if finances permit, annuals are a great fill-in till the perennials take hold.

I think the hardest season to come will be spring.
Just remembering the gardens and herbs that are no longer mine....
The joy I took in working the ground in the spring with all the new growth popping up.
The special flowers and plants given to me over the years by my children and dear friends.
(Mothers Day and birthdays were always gifts of live's what I asked for!)
I remember my sweetie Parisienne Farmgirl Ang digging up Lilies of the Valley in the rain one chilly, rainy autumn day for my northern exposure front porch. And my dear, dear friend Savvy City Farmer Joy, passing along bits and bobs of plants she was dividing special for me.
Now I start over......

Re-read the very beginning of this post about being thankful.....
Sheesh....I am a slow learner.

In Christ alone,

PS....for right now, I am blogging on my laptop from the local library. Hoping to have internet in the next living.
Oh yeah,'s the life for me!
Oh, yeah...I will be advertising my "Farm Fresh" soaps in the premiere issue of Parisienne Farmgirl's new online magazine! I am so excited to be able to open up new avenues for my tiny soap business. I am hoping and praying I will be able to add some healing teas and salves in the early spring. Look for more info as soon as I get internet...Ang's magazine will be something really, really special!

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FlowerLady said...

I love the post title too. Your post was very uplifting and good to hear. Sometimes we forget just how much we have to be thankful for.

Enjoy all the 'new' things done in your new home. Take pictures so that you have before and after.

May your little business of farm fresh soaps, healing teas, etc. take off and do very well.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Jackie said...

Sending prayers your way for jobs and a growing business. I hope you can find enjoyment in your new home. I know you'll be able to make your house comfortable and "homey" for you and your husband.


camp and cottage living said...

I'm glad you've found a place to call home. I've found that I can be cozy in almost any house as long as I have my 'stuff' to surround me.
I bet your have a beautiful garden going before you know it-little by little, step by step!

Lora said...

i haven't been to your blog in awhile, and i was so sad to hear about your house. :( so sorry!! you are such a beautiful light for Jesus, even in the midst of this hard season.
i love what you've done so far with your new place! esp all the gorgeous vintage fabrics in your curtains.
i want to send you something - if you could email me ( with your address, that would be great. :) blessings, lora

Donna said...

{{{{{hugs}}}}}} It's home and you will make it cozy! It is a fresh beginning and there is some excitement that goes with that! We said goodbye to a lot when we downsized and it took me a while to mourn the losses. So I understand where your heart is right now. But I can tell you that it gets better as time goes on and you find NEW joys in your new life.

Don't forget that I want to feature your soap for my next bloggy giveaway! Best wishes to you, sweetie!

Rita said...

I must tell you when I heard about your situation I wept with you. I hope those who did not give you a second chance are told one day what you were told. How sad, our world can be such an uncaring place. And yet, look at the joy you have found I think part of this joy comes from the kindness in your personality. I pray for you and look forward to reading your blog.

cityfarmer said...

awwh Cyn, I shall dig again for you!

certainlyIi can find fever few in some crack of a sidewalk ...hahaha
inside joke

Kristin said...

Home is what you mske it....and I am sure you will turn this house into a home!
Keep your chin up high and if you send me your address. I will send you some of the most beautiful and happy zinnias that you have ever seen. They are perfect for barren land, grow with little care and will give you weeks and weeks of sunshiney fun color. And also add some serious cottage charm.
Mason jars filled to the brim are yours to be had!

Chris said...

Hi Cyn, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

KathyB. said...

I detect a note (hesitant)of optimism here...I suspect exultant joy might creep in soon because you have shown me you are thankful for whatever God brings even tho it may be painful.

Already you have shown an ability to make a home wherever you are planted. I like your ideas and if I were your landlord I would give you free-reign because you have very good and practical sense in this regard.

I know many, many people personally who have gone through what you are going through and they are well, very well. Different than what they had planned for their lives, but still, very well, really.

BTW, we can't grow tomatoes here because the growing season is too short for them, so if you can grow and can tomatoes enough to last for awhile, you are doing great!

Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition said...

Hi Cyn! I absolutely loved reading this post and seeing the Lord working in you. Love, love, love your barkcloth draperies. And by the way that paneling is actually pretty nice in comparison to most I've seen in trailers, you just might get used to it. Your making it home and putting all your touches to it will be what others will see before the paneling.

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

So glad you posted an update, Cyn.

Let me know if you need a French bread pan. You can have mine. Really.

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

I feel your emotions...we had to leave our old farmhouse 8 years ago. It was my husbands family farm. My kids were going to be the 7th generation to grow up in that house...We had so many unfinished dreams for that place...I still get teary. But God had a plan, and we have seen it over the 8 years we have been were we live now.
I hope you know that God's love and wisdom shines through you and your sweet blog. I have been so encouraged every time I stop by. Perhaps God needed to shine His light through you there at your new place somehow. Praying that he blesses your soap sales by leaps and bounds, can't wait to see how it all goes. Keep the faith Cindy :)

Carolyne said...

{{{Hug}}} *I still wish we were neighbors for Real*

I'm delighted to hear about the soap, I was looking on this blog everywhere for how to order......I'm in line~

{{{Hug}}} You~!

ps....I've a love for clotheslines....I added to my small list of photos :o)

Camille said...

SO good to hear from you here Cindy! Home is where the heart is...AND most importantly...where the LORD is!! HE is with you and will never leave you. How precious HE is!! Hang in there. You are doing well with your thankfulness. Keep your eyes fixed. Isaiah 26:3-4 continues to bless my heart...may it be a balm for your soul this day as well.


Sue M. said...

I've been following your blog for a couple years now; although I've never posted a response. I can totally understand your anger, regret, losing your home, plus trying to make a New Home. I had to literally walk away, 1n 1996, with my 3 children, from our home. I was sick. Had no job, car, and was beyond heart-broken. My ex had abamdoned us, along with his paycheck(s). I'm a living testimony that you can not only survive, but thrive. :-) I still am renting, but my kids are now grown, and are successful. I really do feel your pain though, confusion, and hurt. Bless you! Sue

Buttonchief7 said...

Can you imagine what kind of hope is felt by those who don't have God? It explains alot of suicides. My husband is a carpenter also with hard times through the years. We are blessed and if you would e-mail your address I'd lkke to send a blessing to your family. The children of the King are to help each other. :-) Peggy

Farmgirl Cyn said...

There have been so many kind and generous comments....friends offering to send seeds, bread pans, etc.
I am overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity...

My e-mail address is:

My new address is:

Cindy Young
16443 Winsome Lane
Trufant, MI 49347

In Christ alone,

Rachel said...

So glad you are getting settled in. I have thought of you often and wondered how it was going. They say when God closes one door that he opens another. Blessings to you dear lady!! I'm keeping you both in my prayers. (((HUGS!!)))

Renata said...

You are beautiful & I know you are going to make your new home beautiful too ( that window already looks lovely with the heart)!
Praying for you with all these adjustments.
PS one of my favourite verses during difficult times is Prov 3:5-6

Nita in South Carolina said...

I'm really sorry you're going through such hard times, but I am looking forward to seeing how you make your new place homey and cozy!

Susan said...

Hi Cyn, you are in my thoughts and prayers! Blessings to you and your hubby in your journey... changing addresses does not change who you are or the things that you are passionate about....I do want to buy some of your soap.really..right away so email me and let me know what you have and all the info I need to place and order.Please :o) Blessings dear sister.....Blessings!

Homemaker Ang said...

I have been to your new abode, you home. It is "cindyfied" now for sure. Warm and welcoming, cute decor, fuzzy kitty cats, your sweet smile and more! "You make all things beautiful"...

I love calling you my friend, I love having you so close now!
we are friends and neighbors!

debylynne said...

dear girl
well, i'm sitting here are my hero....i admire you more than i can say and i just WISH i could live as close to you as your dear friend, homemaker ang!!! dear dear friend - i bless the Lord, OUR LORD, for His provision for you - i bless Him even more for His "image" that is being formed in YOU!! oh, cyn, no matter how many many many years may have passed and no matter how long it has been since we have actually "laid eyes on each other", you are my dear sister and i love you.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm very excited you found a place to live. I know it isn't your old place, but I love the way you are keeping perspective. I remember my SIL, who grew up a military brat and now is married to my BIL who is a career military, saying to her children, "Home is where your toothbrush is". That has always stuck with me :)

cindy said...

Your strength in God always amazes me.


~Chris said...

Hi Cindy!
I'm just getting time this weekend to sit a few minutes :D
sooooo happy to find you in a new home ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Fills my heart!
I have been thinking of you often sending prayers and wishes to the heavens ♥ I know God hears us ~ even our whispers...
There IS JOY in His Name!
Thank you Jesus!
So glad you gave out your new address, Cindy !
God bless you,
to you
♥ Maria

Maria said...

Oh boy!
My hubby was signed in, Cindy!
The above comment is from me, Maria :D

myob training said...

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Robinanne said...

Continuing the journey...with fresh paths! Just what I needed to hear today. Isn't it interesting and miraculous how God leads us to places we need to go when we need to go. I just asked God to give me a vision last night about my life and what I needed to do with it. A goal, an idea...anything other than the circle I've been spinning. This morning I was reading some blogs and you know how one blog leads you do another and then another and then he lead me to yours and he gave me this...
"continue the journey but with fresh paths"...what a great start. Puts a skip in my step today. I love how you still see the beauty and love in your life. I'm not good at "stepping out of the boat". But this morning I am more courageous. Thanks my new friend and blessings to your situation!

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