Monday, February 27, 2012

Most grateful....

Can I just say I pretty much have some of the best friends ever?

You all have showered me with love, affection, and gifties.
I have bread pans flying in from all over, flower seeds being sent, some special love tokens shipped right to my door....
Each and every day I am overwhelmed with your kindness.
You have spoken words of encouragement that have truly meant the world to me.
Comment after comment of sister love.
Many have been with me since I began this blogging journey, nearly 7 years ago.
Some have only recently been stopping by.
Regardless....I am blessed.

I would never say this has been an easy journey..
Far from it.
If you could hear of some of the silly things I have cried over, I would be most embarrassed.
I most certainly am not suffering...not in the least.
And with friends like you all have been, I consider myself  a most blessed woman.
Thanks you all for sticking with me through this....

And now, on to some real life!

Campari tomatoes and garlic

I love Costco in the off seasons.
Though I do try to eat and buy as much local as possible, I can't help but buy these gorgeous and, might I say, tasty tomatoes throughout the winter.
Diced and tossed in a tabouli salad or a bowl of leafy greens...or sliced onto a homemade sourdough pizza...nothing says fresh like these tomatoes.

 My kitchen "island"

This kitchen is a tad on the small side, with not enough counter space.
Until something can be done about that, I am using my old bedside table as my island. Topped with one of my larger cutting boards, it is a fine stand-in until we can figure something else out. 
I would love one that is just a couple feet longer....
Perhaps we can build something this spring.

 Inside my "island"

I have a few plastic bins holding some essential kitchen things.
The top left basket holds all my measuring cups and measuring spoons. The one next to that is currently holding the very last of the shallots from this past years CSA. 
Next to that is the bag of new red potatoes.

Below, on the bottom shelf, is a basket with odds and ends....
Mostly kitchen gadgets that are too clunky for the drawers, like the box grater and the metal hand juicer.
Some organic onions are on the right.

When we do find another island, I will need to make sure it has storage space underneath....
I am a kitchen gadget freak.

He does NOT belong up there.

 Sweet "F" canister

I am pretty sure the "F" stands for flour, but in my house it stands for "coffee"
I keep my coffee separate from Pete's cause he likes the stuff that you can stand your spoon up in.
And I like what he sarcastically refers to as "Breakfast Blah"
Don't judge me...I am what I am.

"Fig & Honey"

My newest soap fragrance, ready to be cut into bars.
Pete has to cut my soap.
If I cut it, the bars would be just the right thickness on the top, and narrow down to pretty much nothing at the bottom.
It's a curse, I know.
You should see how I slice my bread.
Pretty much the same way...
I like to just call it "rustic", and let it go at that.

  Beau...waiting out the blizzard.

Yeah....we pretty much had a mini blizzard here last week.
Kind of a shock to our systems, as our Michigan winter has been anything but a Michigan winter.
Temps have averaged in the mid 40's....the 2nd warmest winter on record, so far.

Does everything look just a bit yucky where you live?
I know spring is just around the corner, and though I love spring, the beginning of it is just dirty/messy.
Mud all over the place, ruts in the roads, with only a promise of green loveliness to come.
I wait impatiently....

In Christ alone,
Cindy is a peek at the new Farm Fresh blog I am starting.
It will be a blog where my homemade goodies are featured for sale.
Bar soaps, Laundry soaps, etc.
All under one blog roof, so to speak.
Hoping to have it up and running in the next few weeks.


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maria armada said...

love the soap bars..cute cat and doesnt ur dog feel cold in all that snow?

Jeanette said...

As a person who is owned by 5 cats I totally understand the cat laying on your kitchen island is not supposed to be there! They don't realize that though. It's just another horizontal surface they take over!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Happy to see you have settled in to your new surroundings. Looking forward to your future selling blog, I would love to purchase a bar of the "fig and honey" soap. Good luck, Julie.

FlowerLady said...

Your post makes me feel happy and thankful that you are feeling so much better.

Your soap looks wonderful and I know what you mean about cutting soap bars and bread slices. :-)

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oops....I should have said this in the post...Beau is very much an "indoor" dog. He wants to go out, oh, I don't know...maybe 10 times a day! He loves the snow, and when I would try to call him in, he wouldn't even look at me! But when he's had enough, he sure lets me know1 Bark, bark, bark!

Jackie said...

This post is so full of hope! You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading more posts and checking out your selling blog as well.

Have a good evening.


Vickie said...

Cindy - I'm excited to see your Farm Fresh blog. I've been enjoying the soaps I got from you back before Christmas.

This has been a weird winter for us here in Texas. I think we've only had a couple of nights where it got below freezing. No ice, no snow, no yuck. It's greening up all around here, flowers, trees, grasses. Amazing - I just hope it doesn't mean that we're in for another long, hot record-breaking summer!

Your voice sounds good, Cindy - more hopeful, more excited about the future. God is good!

Camille said...

Precious post my friend. And so thankful with you!!!

Love to you!

The Coolidges said...

Looks like you are adjusting well to the new place! Can't wait for the new site. I love all the homemade stuff!!

Rachel said...

Glad you are settling in and folks are sending you gifts!! Blogging friends are special, that's for sure and certain! Love your kitty on the cutting board. Cats always get where they are not supposed to! Mine sure do! Our kitchen is tiny, no room for an island.

I'll be anxious to see your items on your new blog!!! Hugs!!!

Susan said...

Cyn, Im so glad to see you and your animals are getting used to your new home and that you are keeping yourself busy doing the things you love. Your Farm Fresh blog is going to be wonderful.....Iv been thinking of giving Grammy's House a makeover...

Carole said...

My current favourite kitchen gadget is a jar key

Maria said...

Hi Cindy!
Smiling for you ♥ and am glad that you know you are not alone!
Your Farm Fresh blog looks great!
It's the name of my everyday Corelle dishes... with the apples and green checks around the border... and the words "Farm Fresh" in between.
Your faith is a beautiful thing ♥
God bless you always,

KathyB. said...

Looks like home to me! What a good idea for a temporary kitchen island, looks like the cat thinks it is his napping bed.

Things here are muddy & gray too, but spring is just around the corner.

cindy said...

I love your post.You are an example and inspriation to me.

April's Homemaking said...

Your soap looks wonderful! I always look forward to your posts, and thought that I would pass on a Sunshine Award to you. You can check it out here if you wish. :)

I am looking forward to your new website as well!

myob training said...

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Jenny said...

Fig & Honey sounds lovely! Your farm fresh site looks great too. If you want/need testimonials for your soaps, I'd be glad to write one. We love your soaps!

Anonymous said...

The soaps look tempting!!

I am so sorry to read about the devastating loss of your home at this point in your life.