Thursday, May 25, 2006


Here is my first find of the day; handmade by somebody's grandmaw...WHO could bear to part with this keepsake? Thankfully, Cyn will give it a good home. (it is in good company with 2 pillows found at various tag sales this spring.) coverlet:$7.00

You can find all sorts of stuff at flea markets: we have seen ducklings (anyone who has seen my previous posts about our new babies, KNOWS we do not need any of these sweeties!), puppies...(we won't even go there!!!), roosters with the funniest hairdo's (plan on gettin my own soon!) baked goods (get thee behind me, satan...) and MAPLE SYRUP!!! THIS I could not say no to. Farmboy will go CRAZY over this stuff drizzled over homemade sourdough pancakes!!!! Maybe a special treat this holiday weekend. Sssshhh

Our early morning foray at Trufant has left THIS Farmgirl utterly exhausted. However, this farmgirl does love spontaneity...which is what this whole morning was all about!!!

My last find at the flea market....(OK...we will not even TALK about the curly fries drenched in will NEVER be mentioned may only see the evidence on my HIPS!!!!) My latest bluebird house. As you will soon see by some later bluebird houses have been overtaken by thieves. Yes...the swallows have returned. And they take no prisoners. They will even peck they eyes out of the residing bluebirds, if they so choose to put up a fight. Well, we will fight fire with fire. We will keep erecting bluebird houses all over our little 1 1/2 acre plot of farmland. AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.
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homemakersheart said...

I love your first finds. How fun to go to the flea market. I hit the Goodwill today, you will never guess what I found. A brand new Pampered Chef Apple peeler corer slicer for $2.00 !! (eyeballs popping out).

Thanks Cyn for the warm post you did. Boy do I wish WE could talk! {hugs to you}.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Dee, anytime you want to talk...let me know. I was afraid i offended you.