Thursday, May 25, 2006


Honeysuckle I planted over 3 years ago after seeing it in a friends garden. It has threatened to overtake the yard, but so far, we have been able to hold him back

Close-up of said honeysuckle.

Sweet heart found in the burbs a few weeks ago. I love the little cloth tie at the top. Now hanging on the fence post in the courtyard garden.

Birdhouse gourd bought last year at a tag sale for .50. I drilled out the hole myself!

Flamingo (his "friend" is nearby)...given as a birthday gift 2 years ago by my dear friend Dar.

"Knock-out" rose...Mother's Day gift from 2nd daughter, Gina. (along with a pedicure, to be redeemed at any time...and highlights, cuts, root jobs, etc. redeemed at various times during the year...Gina is VERY generous that way!!!)

Garden gnome sitting amongst the Sweet Woodruff, Lilies of the valley, and Forget-me-nots.

Dwarf Coreopsis...although I dislike the "dwarf" term...after all, does size REALLY matter????

Spring Clematis...not sure what her name is, but she sure does clean up good after a long, hard winter.

One of my spring time favorites...Lily Of the Valley. Hoiked out of 's garden 2 falls ago...yes, she was involved in the the rain...pariesienne went out and dug these sweeties up for me. I think she maybe was thinking of all those fun times I've had with her mama, she just likes me for me!!!
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