Thursday, May 25, 2006


My courtyard paths, made up of chunks of my friend Dar's old patio. You CANNOT believe how much work this pathway was!!!

Birdhouse, found at a tag sale 4 years ago for $10.

Piece of barnwood, painted with "Bon Bonniere", which we are told means "snug little house". Our farm most certainly fits THAT criteria!! A hand-painted gift from my dear friend,

Red whirlybird, found yesterday at an estate sale for .50

Red whirlybird's twin (not identical, as you can see for yourself). We call him "blue twirlybird" Appropriate, don't you think? Also .50

On the left is our former black sunflower bird seed container(formerly known as "Tidy Cats Litter" container. Center is our "new" black sunflower bird seed container. (formerly known as a "lard" container) On the far right is our "new" old egg basket. Which will soon be put to use, as Farmboy has vowed to finish the his FREE time!!!!
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Mindy said...

Love your garden whimsy!!! Enjoy your weekend..God's blessings...