Friday, May 26, 2006


I've seen them in the garden a few times so far this spring, but never at the feeder, and most certainly never "camera ready". This morning, however was different. I was out there, early morning coffee in hand, when I heard her familiar bumble. Got out my trusty Kodak, and sat waiting patiently for her return. Waiting...waiting...waiting...until...THIS! Our "bumblebirds" are back!!

Doesn't it look as though this goldfinch was posing for this shot?

This is the pair of swallows who have taken over the bluebirds nest. They were busy this morning, bringing bits of grass and hair to feather their "takeover".

This is one very upset bluebird, as he had just tried to take over the "takeover", and was mercilessly bullied by the two swallows. Forcing him to the ground, and beating him with their wings...they are like the meanies on the school playground, taking the ball away from the younger, weaker kids.
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Amanda said...

Okay, that is about the most gorgeous bluebird I have EVER seen. I love that little thing. GREAT picture.

Mindy said...

Some great pictures of you garden friends!!

HomemakerAng said...

the finch i just seen him in GQ

cityfarmer said...

I wish I had the time to sit and watch the birds.
When we visit there I am camping out on the porch with the binoculars...oh wait the birds are close enough that we won't need the fieldglasses.
Isn't it fun having new blog friends????

avery said...

Mom! Hows my favorit youngest looking mother?...I can just see you thinking..."What does she want from the mall?" WELL now that you asked me!..Hehe just kidding.Well my birthday is coming up (^_^)...See ya later mumsie

cityfarmer said...

You ALL have to check out this pic my Mom took this last weekend at the farm.

Actually its many great pictures, but one of Aidan and one of her pool.