Thursday, May 25, 2006


An early morning photo of the thieves. YES, THE SWALLOWS HAVE RETURNED. We cannot fault them for following their instincts. However, the poor bluebirds now have nowhere to go. The swallows are merciless. They have taken over the several bluebird houses we have put up over the years, and from what we have heard tell, will even peck the eyes out of any bluebird who dares try to return to the nest. We will do our darndest to see that this travesty does not happen on our post. We are erecting new bluebird houses, and hope to hear baby bluebird voices in the very near future. (anyone who has had any experience with the swallows, knows that they are fearless! They will swoop on anyone within swooping distance of their new homes.) By faith, VICTORY IS OURS!!!
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jessitay_99 said...

Thank you for stopping bye and letting me know of another name for hummingbirds...I believe I will now be calling them bumblebirds. It is definitely fitting.:)

HomemakerAng said...

are they holding machine guns in that picture?