Monday, July 24, 2006


Sittin on the dock of the pond....a Michigan Crane. We have them often during the warmer months, as they seem to know our pond has near 1000 fish. (fishes, fishies, whatever) We started with 7 fish (see above) and they have multiplied over the 5 years we have been here. Our pond is NOT very big. We had it dug when we had the foundation to the farm house dug. It is filled by a couple of springs. However, the lack of rain the past couple of seasons has really lowered the depth, which, when we dug it, was only 5 ft at the center.

Close up of our crane. We have to be quite stealthy when taking his picture, as they are, by nature, very skittish. I quietly moved about our deck, under cover, so to speak, until I could zoom in with my trusty Kodak digital.
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Amanda said...

What a wonderful piece of land God has blessed you with. The chickens, the blue herron, the plants, vegetables, etc. A constant reminder of His creation and what's impotant! Gorgeous picture. Simplicity!

cityfarmer said...

You two must get together!!!