Monday, July 24, 2006


Back when I was maybe 13 years old, I LOVED being out on my dad's small cabin cruiser. Living in Connecticut, we had 3 minute access to the Atlantic Ocean, and spent most weekends on the boat. I have very fond memories of our times together. Times like this, looking at old photographs, I miss my dad.
Seize the day.
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cityfarmer said...

If I were you I'd miss him, too..
I'm sure your memories of those final days in sunny Florida are written in the archives of your hearts' memories.

I will never forget our endless conversations late at night while he slept and you were restless and needing to talk.

I am so proud of you and your tenacity. God has richly blessed you with the ability to make the very most of touchy situations.

I am proud to call you friend and you may reminisce any time and I will listen.

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