Friday, May 28, 2010

I can't grow 'em this cheap!


Oh, how I dreaded going grocery shopping today.
Holiday weekend just beginning.
Crowded stores.
Until I saw THESE!!!!
Smart Chicken....reduced to 50% off!
12 packages of it!
I got 1 package of thighs, 3 whole chickens, and 8 packages of tenders.
ALL at 50% off!!!!!

But wait!
There's more!

They had coupons!
Coupons for $1.00 off any package of Smart Chicken!
And they had 12 coupons!
for a grand total of $49.00, I got $110.00 worth of chicken!
Hot diggity dog!

And, speaking of hot dogs!
One of our local grocers here (Meijer) now carries organic, grass-fed, uncured HOT DOGS!
No more crappity-crap, feel guilty when I eat 'em, Oscar Meyer.
Kind of pricey, at $5.99 a package.
BUT...they were on sale for $4.99
AND.... Get this!
At the check-out, after paying for my hot dogs, out spits a $1.00 coupon off my NEXT purchase of these!
So, for $3.99, which is what the crappity-crap hot dogs usually run, I get some primo dogs!

Fire up the grill, Farmboy!
They'll be some fine eating tonight!

Have a MOST blessed holiday weekend.


Who will be thinking of her own parents and father in law this holiday weekend, all of whom served our country in the army.
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*Ulrike* said...

Wow! Super good deal on the chickens! And I agree on the hot dogs too. The last time I had the Oscar type I noticed how salty they have become. Yuck! Even the cheap ones were not that bad, although I rarely eat hot dogs except for every now and then when you just gotta have one!
have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

go Meijer!

Mary said...

Now that's something to brag about.

Sonja said...

Who doesn't love a great deal?! Love you new name logo. Looks great!

Dianna said...

GREAT GREAT BUYS! Thank you especially for making me aware of the fact that someone does actually make a hot dog without nitrates! I'll be looking for those little guys next time I shop.

Camille said...

Isn't it WONDERFUL when these things happen in the grocery store?? It's definitely a "YIPEE" moment!! :) I love it that I can shop across the border to get some great deals on organic chickens...and you are right...they can't be raised for that price! Provisions right from our Father's Loving hands...enjoy!

Have a blessed weekend remembering those who have served your country...especially those in your own family!


Barbara said...

That is great, wonderful find, the organic is so much better for us.
Hugs and blessings, Barbara

Mrs. M said...

That's great!!!! Happy eating!!

~Mrs. M

KathyB. said...

Boy are you right! I was shopping for something completely unrelated and passed the meat section and wow! I stocked up on whole chickens even though I have a few ready to be butchered here at home.

Memorial Day, this year we are taking our Grandchildren to the cemetery for the first time to see the graves of Grandparents, and my Father was a veteran of 3 wars...may we never forget.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

HOLY COW... or should I say chicken.

When I asked for Free Range at our Meijer the idiot looked at me and say, "Ugh, we have low fat."


Gonna be getting chickens soon. ("The City Chicks") Will take any tips you have.

cindy said...

Didn't you feel great when you walked out of Meier.

What a bargain!

cityfarmer said...

ahh yes, some tenderloins and dark red ... marinating as we speak ....

love the wool-y sweater gramma picture!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Cyn,
I am so jealous! I can't believe you got Smart Chicken half price, way to go girl! Organic chicken tastes sooo much better.
Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

ribbonrose said...

What store carries Smart Chicken?

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Here in West MI the stores that I have found that carry Smart Chicken are D&W and the Meijer in Standale, MI. Some of the other Meijer don't carry them. Likely the ones in the "upscale" neighborhoods. Our local Family Fare carried them for about 2 weeks, and when there was no market for them, discontinued it.

Maria said...

Oh! Cindy! Where's my sale?
I want to run into a sale like that!
Sometimes I do... and it's AWESOME!
What fun...
I always say that this is a woman's idea of "hunting"
Finding those amazing deals!

Happy Memorial Weekend to you, Cindy!

ps. I think my sweet pea plants are coming up!!! I have to pick more of the rhubarb that's growing into the area of my sweet peas...
so that they get more sunlight! Oh thank you!

katiez said...

Well done! Makes one feel so very thrifty and responsible when that happens, doesn't it. And to top it off you have all the wonderful food! I do hope the chickens are tasty!

the wild magnolia said...

Thrifty finds make us feel so good!

ribbonrose said...

Thanks for the info!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Woo Hoo!! Isn't that so awesome?!
Go Cindy, Go Cindy!
A freezer full of good beef and chicken now, praise the Lord?
We have had the first fruits of our gardent his weekend, a small salad of baby greens and PESTO! my favorite!
Next will be green smoothies with our own kale and chard, only problem is fruit. All my blueberries and strawberries are gone! :(

Holly said...

Go girl! Doesn't hurt to drop our work load now and then. We all need a break and to spend our money wisely.

Susan said...

way to go! that is a great deal and you are right , you could not raise them for that. I love it when I get a deal. Im not having the best of luck with my chickens.
Three have gone broody and several of them are eating eggs, they have also been plucking on a few of them but that seems to be some better since the weather has warmed up. Im half thinking of starting over.

Hot Belly Mama said...

I love this kind of stuff. I am actually a little jealous. Okay, really REALLY jealous. The meat markdown section is always the first place I go to when I go grocery shopping.

Smart cookie!

Hot Belly Mama said...

One time, I got a similar deal on ground lamb and chops. I was so excited. And Mimi was starting to eat meat, so it was great! And I've also found bison at half off too. Score!

lydia said...

Wow that's actually a great price on those hot dogs, I have actually paid $7.99 for them - I figured at $1 per dog it was worth it, people pay at least a buck for a hot dog at a stand or a game - plus with all the excess fresh produce right now you can still make a cheap meal. But I sure wish I could get them this cheap, we'd have them a lot more often!!!! Good for you!!! Peace!!